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ADM Congress 2012 highlights + interviews!

The ADM Congress 2012 gathered senior Defence, National Security and Industry executives from all over the world to discuss the challenges and opportunities involved in global Defence. [youtube=http://youtu.be/ZCp3Mo-Do9k] This year included speakers from all sectors of Defence, including The Hon. Stephen Smith MP, Minister for Defence; Senator the Hon. Kim Carr, Minister for Defence Materiel;…

10 May 2012, by Informa Insights
Notice: Rude sales calls claiming to be from Informa

Over the last 3 months we have had a number of complaints regarding rude telesales calling ‘on behalf of Informa’ wanting to confirm email addresses. To reiterate, these rude telesales calls are not from any staff member that is employed, or associated to the Informa business. In all cases, none of the individuals were in our database. We treat these incidents very seriously and are investigating who is behind this. 

If you have received such a call, we would appreciate any details around the context of the call so we can further assist the business in our legal investigations. Please email: privacy@informa.com.au