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General Pharmaceuticals

Close-Up: David Gallagher

David Gallagher was appointed as Chairman and Managing Director of Pfizer Australia in early 2013. He joined Pfizer Healthcare Ireland 12 years ago and led the business as Managing Director from May 2007 before taking on the role in Australia. David will be speaking at the 11th Annual Future of the PBS Summit on the 5th and…

25 Mar 2014, by Informa Australia

General Pharmaceuticals | Health & Healthcare

Research into optimising electronic medication managements systems

Electronic aids are revolutionalising the way we work. Information to support clinical decisions has never been more available and as advancements in electronic Medicines Management (eMM) systems continue to develop, the obvious question to ponder is, 'How much information is too much?' Natalie Page*, a PhD candidate who hopes to commence her thesis under Prof…

14 Mar 2014, by Informa Australia

General Pharmaceuticals | Health & Healthcare

Close-Up: Kate Richardson

Kate Richardson is a Pharmacist for  eMedicines Management  at St Vincents Hospital (SVH) Sydney Kate is specialising in navigating the e-health maze to find solutions to ensure medicines and medication information is appropriately, pragmatically and safely managed. She has been involved in the implementation of pharmacy dispensing/inventory systems, smart IV infusion pumps with dose-error reduction software and…

11 Feb 2014, by Informa Australia

General Pharmaceuticals | Health & Healthcare

CASE STUDY: Integrating patient costing with health unit management

By Garth Barnett, Senior Costing Consultant, PowerHealth Solutions This is preview of my paper for 2014 Hospital Patient Costing conference. I have outlined the steps and approach taken for the case study here in this article, and will be providing full supporting data at my conference presentation. INTRODUCTION During 2013, PowerHealth Solutions (PHS) and SA…

10 Feb 2014, by Informa Australia

General Pharmaceuticals | Health & Healthcare

Close-Up: Heather Grain

Accurate coding and documentation are of critical importance to patient safety. The health information management sector is constantly evolving and it is crucial that healthcare staff stay abreast of the latest developments. Heather Grain is an Associate Professor at eHealth Education (eHe) and will provide attendees at the Clinical Documentation Coding & Analysis conference with…

13 Jan 2014, by Informa Australia

Acute Healthcare | Community Healthcare | General Pharmaceuticals | Health & Healthcare

Adopting a more flexible and risk-appropriate approach to Health Technology Assessment

Finding the right model of health technology assessment for device technologies and diagnostics is an important issue on this year’s agenda at the 2nd annual Health Technology Assessment Conference. In the lead-up to the event in December, we had the chance to speak to Peggy McBride, PhD, Health Economics and Outcomes Manager, Medtronic, ANZ about…

9 Oct 2013, by Informa Australia
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