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What you need to know about the new filter classification ISO 16890

16 Oct 2017, by Laurien Maerman

In November 2016, The International Organization for Standardization (ISO) published the  ISO 16890 as a valid new standard for the testing and classification of air filters, which replaces the previous EN 779 and ASHRE 52.2 standard after an 18 months transition period. We reached out to Michael Mueller, Managing Director of Freudenberg Filtration Technologies (AUST) Pty Ltd to gain a better insight into the new ISO 16890 standard and learn more about his upcoming presentation at the Australian Gas Turbines Conference on 29-30 November 2017.


What are the key differences between the ISO 16890 standard and the existing standards?
“The difference between the new ISO 16890 and the EN 779 is that the ISO 16890 defines the filtration efficiency of a filter over a range of particle sizes rather than the one 0.4 ym particle size of the EN799. It also defines this efficiency for electrical charged media as a mean filtration efficiency of the fully charged media and the fully de-charged media, which is much more transparent and helpful  than the old classification.”


Can you name some of the key advantages of the new standard?
“The key advantage is that a filter is much better classified and comparable over the complete range of particle sizes and therefore allows the operator to choose a filter that fits the environment the turbine is working in. In addition, the ISO 16890 replaces both the European EN 779 as well as the American ASHRE 52.2   Both standards were not compatible and it was not possible to compare the MERV classification of the ASHRE 52.2 with the G-M-F- class classification of the EN779. Operators can therefore now compare filters from both geographical areas easily which gives them more options to choose from.”


How do you think the Gas Turbines Industry can benefit from the new ISO 16890 standard?
The new ISO 16890 standard will provide many benefits to the Gas Turbines Industry. With the new ISO 16890 standard the gas turbine operators can now choose the best filter combination for the environment their turbine is operating in.  In addition, with the ISO 16890 filter efficiency data collection new tools have been developed that can calculate the amount of particles per particle size that will enter the compressor of the turbine. This will be extremely helpful when the GT operators would like to choose the right filter combination with the total cost of ownership in mind.”


Why do you think it’s important to be on top of the new standard and what are you most looking forward to at the Conference?
“By July 2018 all filters will have to be classified according to the ISO 16890 and therefore every gas turbine operator will have to understand the ISO 16890 in order to make the right decision about the filters they are choosing.  Not only will new filters entering into the market no longer be classified according to EN 779 or ASHRE 52.2 but as the ISO 16890 is a much better way to classify the filter, operators will like the ISO 16890 as a much better system to choose the best filters for their turbines.

I look forward to bringing an understanding of the ISO 16890 to the operators. The aim is to bring the practical tools to the conference to help operators to choose the right filter combination for their plant. I am very much looking forward to the many discussions that this will spark during the conference. This truly is a new opportunity for each operator to review the filter choice they have made in the past and calculate if indeed the existing filters are the best choice for the specific turbine environment.”


The 18th Annual Australian Gas Turbines Conference returns to Melbourne on 29-30 November 2017. The event forms Australia’s best known gas turbine industry meeting place; where operators, industry experts and technology providers share and exchange best practice in maintaining and operating gas turbines during this two-day conference and exhibition. Find out more here.

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