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Is it me or is it you? Benchmark your contract management style

5 Mar 2015, by Informa Australia

Sara CullenDr. Sara Cullen, Managing Director, The Cullen Group

Everyone who does anything with contracts has an opinion on how contracts (and the parties to them) should be managed. And everyone is right.

But our time is limited and we all have to make choices. This is where a lot of the conflict between individuals… between parties, but also within the buyer or seller organisation … rears its ugly head.

Let’s say I’m a provider and three situations just came in. One client is screaming about some issue that happened in the field, another is screaming for an overdue report, and a new prospect wants me to pop over to have a chat about what we can do for them. What should I do first? Solve the field problem, prepare the report, or run over to meet the potential new client?

The answer depends on what a person’s contract management style is – and everyone is different. Whatever I choose, you will probably say I should’ve done something else. If we are very different to each other, this will happen a lot. It can get to the stage where it becomes personal. We are not fond of one another. I think you’re nuts; you think I’m incompetent.

Before anything gets to that stage, it’s a better idea to know what your personal style is and how it compares to others. Then you can be aware of how others might see you and how you might see them, and most importantly, how to better work together.

The Cullen Group developed an online profiling instrument to help people identify his or her style, benchmark it to the 1600-member database, and give advice to reduce conflict. It also helps teams see if they are balanced or out of whack and helps organisations know what their “brand” is to other parties. It also is used to diagnose troubled relationships between parties and how to fix it.

We profile everyone who takes the Contract Management & Strategy Masterclass course within Informa’s CMP (Contract Management Professional) certification, and, for a limited time, are offering to provide profiles to the Informa community. It takes no more than 15 minutes and you are provided with a 16-page confidential report.

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Did you know you can formalise your skills in contract management through the Contract Management Professional Certification (CMP)? It addresses all knowledge areas required to become a proficient contracts manager. To learn more about the CMP, click here.

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