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WA Power & Gas Conference

Responding to energy market changes and consumer needs
27-28 March 2017 | Hyatt Regency Perth

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Informa is delighted to invite you to the 11th WA Power & Gas Conference on the Monday 27th and Tuesday 28th March at the Hyatt Regency in Perth.

The WA Power & Gas Conference analyses the impact of energy market changes worldwide and discusses how Western Australia is reforming, adapting and leading innovative projects and technologies to plan the energy transformation.

The state-wide black out in South Australia, the recent bushfires in Western Australia and the energy crisis in Tasmania strengthens the need to address current energy policies, the role of the grid and the energy mix, and the opportunities brought by new technologies and energy systems to address these issues.

We are pleased to announce The Hon Josh Frydenberg MP, Minister for the Environment and Energy will open the 2017 Conference with a pre-recorded Ministerial Address.

The forum is following the WA State’s election to be held on 11 March 2017, providing a timely platform for the energy industry to network and discuss major changes, new opportunities and how we can best address energy transition challenges.

Key topics and questions to be discussed include:

  • The WA Market Review: new opportunities?
  • Domestic gas markets
  • How is WA sustaining the balance of the changing energy mix and the coal industry?
  • How can we best prepare and manage the economic and social cost of the transformation of the energy markets?
  • The transformation of the grid as a trading platform
  • Developments of the distributed energy industry
  • Microgrids and learnings from the off-grid sector
  • What is the role of major energy user in the energy transition?
  • Why is storage part of the solutions?
  • How are technology innovations impacting business models for retailers and utilities?
  • Will stand-alone microgrid become a sustainable power solution for major users?
  • How Australia will meet its emission reduction targets? What is the outlook for Western Australia?
  • What are the challenges to integrating high levels of intermittent generation in order to maintain security of supply at the lowest possible cost?
  • Opening the North West Grid to competition
  • What can WA learn from other States?

The WA Power & Gas Conference is for everyone involved in electricity energy markets in Australia. It is designed for energy businesses and electricity generation representatives, consumers, power companies, resources, agriculture, finance and property development industries, utilities, network, major industrial customers, government representatives, and regulators.



8:00 am

Registration & morning coffee

8:50 am

OPENING | Opening remarks from the Chair

Ben Farnsworth, Partner, Allens

9:00 am

KEYNOTE | Pre-recorded Ministerial Address

The Hon Josh Frydenberg MP, Minister for the Environment and Energy


9:15 am

Overview of the key trends shaping the future of energy in Australia and globally, including:

  • The impact of ever declining wind, PV and battery technology costs
  • The challenges arising from power plant closures and integration of variable renewables
  • The potential impact and opportunities from the uptake of Electric Vehicles

9:40 am

Those in the energy sector face challenges, even in the absence of reforms.

John will illustrate examples facing those in this sector of:

  • policy not being reflected by the law
  • participants running ahead of the law
  • new developments (eg battery roll outs) raising questions as to whether policy settings drive the right behaviours and economic outcomes

Examples will come from the Renewable Energy Target; the tax treatment of structures in renewable projects; the treatment of new technologies (batteries) under existing policy

10:05 am

Primary energy sources in WA and future competition

Murray Meaton, Director, Economics Consulting Services and Chair, Australian Energy Institute Perth Branch

10:30 am

Networking and refreshment break


11:00 am

  • Australian electricity market overview
  • What are the current threats & opportunities for major users
  • Contracting strategies
    • Strategies to negotiate competitive retail contract;
    • Extract maximum value
    • Take control
  • Price, risk & commercial terms

11:30 am

  • The Gas Opportunity
    • Fortescue case study
  • Challenges to Natural Gas achieving its full potential
    • Policy Settings
      • Upstream Petroleum Regime
      • Competition Policy
      • Downstream Energy Policy
    • Disruptors and the transition window
  • Conclusion

12:00 pm

Lunch and networking break


1:00 pm

  • Impact of emerging technology on system operations
  • Power system security
  • Overview of AEMOs Power System of the Future program

1:25 pm

  • The trajectory to 2020
  • State by State performance
  • Investment conditions in WA, and what the pipeline looks like

1:50 pm

  • Cost of power outages in a modern economy is sometimes not known
  • Contingency planning and the importance of stress testing them – moving beyond the desk top model.
    • Case study of a major Water Utility conducting a full scale test of its power contingency for a water treatment plant.
  • Case studies of planned and unplanned failures – specifically transformer and line failure events.
    • Transformer failure at a major coal power station
    • Replacement of failed cables for a City DNSP
    • Support of a major mining operation in an unplanned network failure

2:15 pm

Several countries have encouraged a rapid transition to renewable energy which has created a rich source of information for Australia and Western Australia to learn from – including security of supply challenges and responses, the role of markets, and regulatory reform.

  • Overseas case studies – renewable energy mix/trends, issues, market and regulatory responses
    • Scandinavia, UK and Europe
    • USA
    • Malaysia
  • Australia, including Western Australia
    • SA, TAS case studies
    • WA directions

2:45 pm

Afternoon tea

3:10 pm

How do we prioritise de-carbonising, affordability, reliability and security?

Lance Hoch, Director, Oakley Greenwood Pty Ltd (Panel Facilitator)

3:40 pm

How WA can best prepare for a transition to a low carbon economy/variable source base load without unduly compromising security of supply and affordability – including the role of energy sector players, new entrants, government and consumers; learnings from other states; and the implications of and for policy and regulation.

  • How will WA contribute to meeting Australia’s 2030 emission reduction target – and the further reductions that are assumed to be needed to keep temperature rises within 2 degrees?
  • What are the key challenges facing WA for this transition? What are WA’s unique advantages?
  • What is the best mix of large-scale renewable generation sources and distributed renewables? Should planning and policy approaches be used to help reach this – and if so, how?
  • What have we learned from other States and other countries — and what can we apply to WA?
  • How can we best prepare and manage the economic and social cost of the energy transition?
  • What will it mean for electricity prices? What are the trade-offs between price, reliability and security?  Or do those take precedence over the carbon reduction targets?
  • What should be the role of energy stakeholders and the government?
  • What is the role of new technologies such as large scale storage?
  • What role can new business models play? Are there barriers to their emergence? How can those barriers be overcome and/or their emergence encouraged?
  • What are the institutional barriers that need to be (or are being) addressed and how?

4:30 pm

CLOSING | Closing remarks from the Chair

Ben Farnsworth, Partner, Allens

4:40 pm

Networking Drinks

8:30 am

Morning coffee

8:50 am

OPENING | Opening Remarks from the Chairperson

Sarah Fairhurst, Partner, The Lantau Group


9:00 am

Developments of the distributed energy industry

Dr Renate Egan, Director and Co-Founder, Solar Analytics and Chair, APVI

9:30 am

The role of the utility in this period of consumer-led transformation.

10:10 am

  • Horizon Power has significant expertise and experience in managing traditional remote microgrids; a business model that is distinct from prevailing grid-based utility business models operating within Australia.
  • Through a series of foundation projects, that are already well advanced, Horizon Power is developing a smart Microgrid Operating Platform that represents a comprehensive solution to the successful delivery of energy into remote locations.
  • To accentuate Horizon Power’s significant capacity development, Horizon Power is also prosecuting the case for a program of strategic investments that collectively refine Horizon Power’s microgrid focus and begin to build our brand to support our microgrid positioning.

10:30 am

Networking and refreshment break

11:00 am

  • Customer insights and what they expect from us – now and into the future
  • Real world learning from stand-alone power systems across Western Power’s network that almost 255,000 km2
  • Australia’s largest renewable microgrid for Kalbarri, a community at the end of a 140 kilometre rural feeder line
  • Two year trial of a Battery Energy Storage System (BESS) in Perenjori, 350 kilometres north of Perth


11:30 am

  • AES and Energy Storage
  • Advancion – Technical solution
  • Energy Storage Benefits for Consumers
  • Changing Electricity Grid
  • Applications of Energy Storage

12:00 pm

  • Kidston Hydro Storage Project
  • Integration of Solar PV with energy storage
  • Use of large scale storage for grid stability
  • Investment outlook in renewable energy projects

12:30 pm

Opportunities for Storage in the Australian Electricity Market

Mark Twidell, Managing Director - Energy Products and Programs, Tesla

1:00 pm

Lunch and networking break


2:00 pm

  • Trial applications of the “blockchain” technology; results and learnings from pilot projects in Australia and New Zealand:
    • National Lifestyle Village, Perth
    • White Gum Valley, Fremantle
    • Auckland, New Zealand
    • Eastern seaboard
  • What is the grid potential to act as a trading platform?

2:30 pm

  • 6 million households have rooftop solar which represents 17 per cent of the housing stock
  • Strata is about 25 per cent of the housing stock in Australia and until now has had little access to renewable energy

This presentation will discuss the developments and challenges for RE in the strata property market and what the potential is for Australia’s energy system.

3:00 pm

  • Carnegie Clean Energy’s unique business model supporting the full value chain of design, development, finance, construction, operating and maintaining.
  • Update on progress of the Energy Made Clean/LendLease EPC Joint Venture
  • Discussion on recently delivered Carnegie Clean Energy remote power projects

3:30 pm

CLOSING | Closing remarks from the Chairperson

3:40 pm



Packages Price
Package(Two Days) $3195+GSTEarly Bird
  • Standard Pricing Rate: $3,195 + GST


Ben Farnsworth

Partner, Allens

The Hon Josh Frydenberg MP

Minister for the Environment and Energy


Ali Asghar

Senior Associate, Bloomberg New Energy Finance

John Greig

Partner, Allens


Murray Meaton

Director, Economics Consulting Services and Chair, Australian Energy Institute Perth Branch

Mark Searle

Principal Consultant, Key Energy & Resources Pty Ltd


Tim Langmead

Director External Relations, Fortescue Metals Group Ltd


Cameron Parrotte

Executive General Manager WA, Australian Energy Market Operator (AEMO)


Mark Williamson

Executive General Manager, Clean Energy Regulator


Steven Bayne

IPP/Utilities Sector Manager, AusPac, Aggreko


Mark de Laeter

Director, EMCa


Lance Hoch

Director, Oakley Greenwood Pty Ltd (Panel Facilitator)


Rosemary Sinclair

Chief Executive Officer, Energy Consumers Australia


Thomas Scott-Morey

Chief Executive Officer, Collgar Wind Farm


Chris Twomey

Director of Social Policy, WACOSS


Sarah Fairhurst

Partner, The Lantau Group

Dr Renate Egan

Director and Co-Founder, Solar Analytics and Chair, APVI


Stephanie Unwin

General Manager Commercial, Synergy

MD of Horizon Power Frank Tudor.

Frank Tudor

Managing Director, Horizon Power


Seán Mc Goldrick

Executive Manager Asset Management, Western Power


Joaquin Melendez

Business Development Director, AES Philippines


Simon Kidston

Executive Director, Genex Power


Mark Twidell

Managing Director - Energy Products and Programs, Tesla


David Martin

Managing Director, Power Ledger Pty Ltd


Jemma Green

Researcher, Curtin University

Greg Allen

Chief Operating Officer, Carnergie Clean Energy

when & where

27 - 28 Mar 2017

Hyatt Regency Perth
99 Adelaide Terrace
Perth WA 6000
08 9225 1234

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