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Value Capture in Infrastructure 2018

Exploring the opportunities and challenges for a step change in infrastructure investment and funding.

14 March 2018 | Radisson Blu Plaza Sydney

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The momentum toward incorporating a ‘beneficiary pays’ or value capture funding mechanism in relation to the development of infrastructure projects continues to grow in Australia. With Governments confronted by fiscal limitations in an environment where the need for public infrastructure underpins the economic prosperity of the country, value capture presents an innovative alternative in the infrastructure funding equation.

The Value Capture in Infrastructure reflects a timely opportunity for stakeholders across the infrastructure sector to engage in meaningful dialogue in relation to the implementation and usage of value capture mechanisms.  With the Federal Government’s release of a discussion paper exploring both the opportunities and challenges that value capture may present, this conference presents an opportunity to further the conversation.

Key issues to be discussed include:

  • Infrastructure reform
  • The business case for value capture
  • Managing and sustaining urban growth
  • International and National case studies
  • Value capture funding mechanisms




9:00 am

Opening remarks from the Chair



9:45 am

  • Considering how we value infrastructure beyond geographical proximity
  • How mechanisms can value ongoing uplift and amenity

10:20 am

Morning Tea


10:50 am

  • How does the application of value capture differ across infrastructure projects?
  • Streamlining frameworks to ensure easy application of new funding methods
  • Which infrastructure projects does value capture work best in and where should we avoid using it?

11:40 am

This presentation will cover how financial challenges are helping revise thinking about who should pay for infrastructure, and how those payments might be collected in a local government context.

12:15 pm



1:15 pm

  • As Sydney’s population continues to expand at an unprecedented rate, how can value capture support the development and building of sufficient housing?
  • Highlighting where value is created in housing developments and best practice methods for capturing this


1:50 pm

  • Is the ability of value capture to fund infrastructure exaggerated?
  • What are the negative consequences of value capture done badly or even when it is used well?
  • Achieving the right balance

2:25 pm

  • Realising the potential to the wider economy a comprehensive nationwide value capture policy would have
  • Assessing the importance of the potential for value capture to be successful in new projects

3:00 pm

Afternoon Tea

3:30 pm

  • Applying value capture: what are its current limits and how much further can it go?
  • Best practice for maximising the monetisation of infrastructure projects
  • What are the current negative impacts?
  • How are we measuring the benefits to those we call ‘beneficiaries’?


4:05 pm

  • Introduction to the rapid analytics interactive scenario explorer (RAISE) toolkit
  • Modelling and visualising infrastructure value uplift
  • Case study of the rapid evaluation of transit in Western Sydney

4:40 pm

  • Assessing the value of infrastructure projects
  • How best can value be captured from beneficiaries
  • How does the value created vary across different modes of transport?


5:15 pm

  • How can we improve the successful application of value capture?
  • How far can the development of value capture sustain and support large infrastructure projects?
  • Looking around the world at success stories; what can Australia learn from this and where do our infrastructure programs differ?

6:00 pm

Closing remarks from the Chair

6:10 pm

End of Conference and Networking Drinks


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  • Special rates available for Government, Academics and SMEs rate – See rates pricing tab above


Mark Redmond

Director - Infrastructure and Structured Finance Unit, NSW Treasury

Eamon Waterford

Director of Policy, Committee for Sydney

David Norman

Chief Economist, Auckland Council

Joe Langley

Technical Director, Infrastructure Advisory, AECOM

Garry Bowditch

Executive Director, Better Infrastructure, John Grill Centre for Project Leadership

John Marinopoulos

Partner, PwC Australia

Paul Kenny

Partner, Allens

Prof Christopher Pettit

Associate Director – City Futures Research Centre, UNSW

James McIntosh

Director, LUTI Consulting

when & where

14 Mar 2018

Radisson Blu Plaza Hotel Sydney
27 O’Connell, Sydney NSW 2000
(02) 8214 0000

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Conference Producer
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Sponsorship Manager
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