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KPI Professional (KPI-P) Certification Program

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A 5 Day Program (3 day + 2 day): Successfully develop, deploy, and manage meaningful KPIs for strategic, operational or program management.


  • Learn best practice techniques to more effectively and efficiently develop, deploy and manage KPIs as part of a strategic management system
  • Understand important business drivers that ensure a successful performance measurement system implementation
  • Contribute to organisational success by measuring what matters most
  • Apply what you have learned to your own organisation’s performance measurement architecture
  • Recognise performance management as a key strategic and competitive differentiator
  • Understand theory and application of corporate performance management through Balanced Scorecards (BSCs) and other frameworks for developing KPIs
  • Create buy-in and a culture of continuous performance improvement
  • Drive performance-informed budgeting and accountability
  • Develop best practice KPls, performance targets, and management dashboards
  • Improve performance of departments, teams, programs, projects, risks, and individuals
  • Communicate performance information throughout the organisation to better inform decision-making


KPI and performance measurement development is a discipline that involves articulating what an organisation is trying to accomplish and then identifying the most meaningful and useful indicators of success. Simply selecting standard measures from a long list of possible measures is not effective. Performance measures, or KPIs, are a key part of any strategic management system, as they are critical to assessing the effectiveness of strategy implementation. KPIs also help with analysis of the gap between actual and targeted performance, and with measurement of organisational effectiveness and operational efficiency. Operational measures, project measures, risk measures, and employee measures provide an early-warning system throughout an organisation to help improve performance. Meaningful and strong KPIs provide insight into whether strategies are working, whether programs, projects and services are on schedule, on budget, and delivered effectively. KPIs focus employees’ attention on what matters most for success, and allow for measurement of accomplishments.

Most people — whether executives, managers, strategy or performance professionals, or analysts — struggle to develop and manage KPIs or use performance information to make better decisions. This program helps participants who are working to find meaningful KPIs, get true buy-in to performance measurement, align measures to strategy, and use measures to drive improvement to reach targets.

This program is designed for all sectors — business and industry, government, and non-profit — and provides participants with practical tools to developing meaningful strategic and operational performance measures, and then develops their skills through a series of practical application exercises. Delegates are taught how to use several tools, including the logic model and cause and effect, that are used by organisations around the world. Delegates are also taught how to understand and articulate desired results, determine what to measure, set targets and thresholds, develop composite measures using lower level performance measures, measure outcomes, outputs, processes, and inputs, and produce visually appealing reports and dashboards that better inform decision making throughout an organisation.

This course is designed to help delegates understand the fundamentals of performance management, then successfully develop, deploy, and manage meaningful KPIs for strategic, operational, or program management.

Delegates are requested to bring their laptops to the course


  • Delegates learn a simple, “do-it-yourself” methodology to develop meaningful performance measures
  • The SMG KPI program builds off the Balanced Scorecard programs that have been successfully delivered for over 15 years
  • The program includes multiple performance measurement frameworks and tools, including the logic model, cause-effect, process flow, and many more!
  • Successful delegates are jointly certified by The George Washington University College of Professional Studies and SMG; and offer CEU credit
  • The program is based on a wholly integrated performance measurement and management framework
  • Practical step-by-step exercises, instruction and application guidance is provided by the expert trainer
  • SMG instructor have decades of practical experience “in the trenches”


Eddy Abou Chakra

Managing Partner, Vanguards Consulting

How to Become Certified

There are two paths to earning KPI Professional Certification

1. Attend a single KPI Boot Camp course of study, with exam:

a. Attend the 5-day KPI Professional Certification Boot Camp (includes Part 1 and Part 2)
b. Pass the KPI Professional Certification exam

2. Take the two sections of the Boot Camp on different occasions, with exam:

a. Attend the 3-day KPI Professional Certification Part 1
b. Attend the 2-day KPI Professional Certification Part 2: Professional Application course
c. Pass the KPI Professional Certification exam

Certification Partners

In Association with:

Certifications are offered through Strategy Management Group (SMG) and The George Washington University College of Professional Studies (GWUCoPS).

SMG, in association with the GWUCoPS developed the KPI Professional Certification program as a comprehensive program for leaders, managers, or analysts who want to learn how to build, deploy, and sustain KPIs in order to improve organisational strategic or operational performance.

Course Outline

KPI Professional (KPI-P) Certification Part 1

3-Day Course


The KPI Certification Part 1 course provides an introduction to KPIs and their strategic context, and then introduces delegates to a step-by-step methodology that can be used to develop various types of KPIs. Through short lectures, case studies, and applied exercises, delegates learn the fundamentals of KPI development, how to get true buy-in to performance measurement by building a performance measurement culture, and how to strongly align measures that drive improvement to strategy.

The focus of Day One is on understanding basic KPI terminology and the purpose of measurement, as well as the strategic context needed to develop and align meaningful KPIs.

On Days Two and Three, delegates learn and apply advanced concepts of performance measurement.

Delegates focus on making strategy measurable and easier to communicate and cascade. They select and design KPIs in a consistent way, using the right data and with the right ownership. With this knowledge, the delegates design insightful and actionable reports and dashboards that focus discussion on improvement and are able to clearly see the real signals from measures about whether performance is improving or not.

At the end of the Part 1 course, delegates will understand how to clearly communicate desired results and make lasting improvements in performance. They will be able to tightly align measures to strategy, and measure intangible goals, while streamlining the measurement and reporting process to reduce cost, effort, and cycle time. By learning KPI development, delegates will get everything needed to create measures that transform an organisation’s performance.

Day One

KPI Development Overview

  • Introduction To KPIs and strategic management
  • Creating the right performance measurement culture to build buy-in
  • Understanding strategic context (“Begin with the end in mind”)
  • Application exercises
  • Tools, templates and supplemental resources

Day Two

Performance Measurement

  • Understanding measurement’s purpose
  • Mapping measurable results
  • Designing meaningful measures
  • Building buy-in to measures
  • Application exercises
  • Tools, templates and supplemental resources

Day Three

Performance Measurement (cont.)

  • Implementing measures
  • Reporting performance measures
  • Interpreting signals from measures
  • Reaching performance targets
  • Summary – preparing for a successful implementation
  • Application exercises
  • Tools, templates, and supplemental resources

KPI Professional (KPI-P) Certification Part 2 (Application Course)

2-Day Course


This course is designed to help delegates who understand the fundamentals of performance management successfully develop their skills through a series of practical application exercises. The course covers more advanced KPI topics including the development of strategic, operational, project, risk, and employee measures, as well as creating KPI alignment by cascading objectives and managing with performance information.

Delegates learn an early-warning system that can be used throughout an organisation to help improve performance. Throughout the course, delegates will be applying the framework and learnings to an individualised KPI project that reflects improvements in their organisation. At the conclusion of the program, each participant will share their application project for peer and faculty feedback.

By the end of the program, delegates will be able to: improve managers’ and employees’ perception of the value and importance of measuring performance; lift the skill level of
managers and employees in selecting meaningful measures and using measures to support their decisions increase the active involvement of employees in selecting and implementing performance measures; reduce the cycle time of implementing new performance measures, from choosing them to using them; and increase the proportion of strategic and operational business objectives that have meaningful measures identified.

Day Four

KPI Application And Developing Measures

  • Developing measures for strategy execution
  • Developing measures for operations
  • Developing measures for projects
  • Developing measures for programs
  • Developing measures for employee performance
  • Course application project introduction
  • Advanced Topic: KPI case studies
  • Application exercises
  • Tools, templates, and supplemental resources

Day Five

KPI Advanced Topics And Delegate Presentations

  • Creating KPI alignment by cascading objectives
  • Managing strategically with performance information
  • KPI development application project for participant organisations
  • Final delegate application project presentation and discussion


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