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21-11-2018 (Sydney)
28-11-2018 (Melbourne)

P18GL20 Clinical Governance and Practice Improvement
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Clinical Governance and Practice Improvement

1-Day Training Course: Learn how to meet 2019’s expectation of practice, patient safety and quality management.

Sydney | 21 November 2018
Melbourne | 28 November 2018

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Key Learning Objectives

  • Understand clinical governance and how it improves efficiency and practice, prevents incidents, manages risk, enables accreditation and shares accountability for good practice across all levels of staff
  • Discover ways to achieve effective clinical governance, the systems to have in place and the optimisation opportunities
  • Understand patient, community, government and regulatory expectation
  • Learn about the strategies used by high performing organisations

About the Course

Clinical Governance is the system by which the governing body, managers, clinicians and staff share responsibility and accountability for the quality of care, continuously improving, minimising risks and fostering an environment of excellence in care for consumers.

This course will look at 2019’s expectation of how an organisation achieves safe high quality care in an environment of rising expectation and cost pressures. Its intention is to simplify the concept of clinical governance and provide strategies to make it easier to achieve practice improvement.

We will start by discussing the origins of clinical governance and the systemic patient safety failures which have been judged publically as a failure in clinical governance. The impact this has had on the leadership teams, the reputation of these organisations and the wider community.

Then we will systematically look at what effective clinical governance looks like in practice. Covering the key foundational patient safety initiatives used by high performing organisations to enable practice improvement.

This discussion will give you the opportunity to consider ways to improve practice, whilst improving the patient experience and meeting regulatory expectation.

We will finish by reflecting on the key indicators of clinical governance to help you prioritise where to start.

Who Should Attend

This course will benefit leaders in health and aged care services, clinical governance committee members and staff working in patient safety, risk and quality management.

It is particularly suited to people who are new to clinical governance or people looking to increase the effectiveness of clinical governance to improve practice.


Packages Price
1 Day Training 2018$1595$1495+GSTEarly BirdEarly Bird
  • Special rate $1,196 (per person) when you book for four or more participants, please call us today on 02 9080 4307 or email to take advantage of this offer.


Location, dates & pricing

Sydney // 21 Nov 2018
Super Early Bird rate: $1,295 + GST (Save $300 + GST). Use code P18GL20SY. Expires by 12 Oct 2018.
Early Bird rate: $1,495 + GST. Expires by 02 Nov 2018.
Standard rate: $1,595 + GST.

Melbourne // 28 Nov 2018
Super Early Bird rate: $1,295 + GST (Save $300 + GST). Use code P18GL20ME. Expires by 19 Oct 2018.
Early Bird rate: $1,495 + GST. Expires by 09 Nov 2018.
Standard rate: $1,595 + GST.


Michele Moreau

Course Outline

1. Introduction to Clinical Governance

  •  What is clinical governance
  •  Benefits to organisations, staff and patients.
  •  Real examples of its public failures and what we can learn from them
  •  The role of government, regulatory authorities, the board, management and clinicians

2. Consumer Participation

  •  Patient and community expectation
  •  Person centred care
  •  Co-design and participation opportunities

3. Information systems, policy, procedure and clinical guidelines

  •  Security and privacy
  •  Communicating information
  •  Achieving procedure informed practice

4. Staff

  •  Getting the working environment right
  •  Governance expectation of staff recruitment, training, credentialing and performance development
  •  Opportunities to make it simpler and easier

5. Risk Management

  •  Why it’s the most powerful tool in patient safety
  •  Responsibility for risk management
  •  The essential skill – risk assessment

6. Incident and complaint management

  •  Human error and systems thinking
  •  Recommended methods for management and investigation
  •  Learning organisations
  •  Open disclosure of adverse events

7. Quality, Accreditation and Outcomes

  •  Keys to successful accreditation
  •  The role of performance indicators in measuring patient outcomes
  •  Expectation of quality improvement plans and auditing

8. Governance committees

  •  Performance expectation
  •  Clarify of purpose
  •  Optimising effectiveness
  •  Answering the question ‘where does responsibility sit’

when & where

21 Nov 2018


28 Nov 2018


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