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School Planning Design and Construction

Building adaptable learning environments that effectively serve the country, its growing population and the needs of students and teachers. Register now.

23-24 May 2017 | Novotel on Collins, Melbourne

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Australia’s existing school infrastructure is struggling to meet the ongoing demand for places, making the development of further infrastructure a major priority for all state governments.

In 2016 NSW Treasury pledged an additional $1billion towards the building of new schools; bringing the total budget to $2.6billion for the next four years. The Victorian Government recently declared their bid to become an ‘education state’ allocating $1.1billion of funding to the sector in the same year. Meanwhile, Queensland are set to spend $667million on new schools between 2016-17.

Creating long term value within these new learning environments is a key consideration. Modern classrooms must be adaptable; capable of accommodating substantial population increases, as well as advances in technology and pedagogy.

With this in mind, Informa is delighted to be hosting its annual School Planning Design & Construction conference, on 23-24 May 2017 in Melbourne.

The event will serve as a platform for school planners to meet experts in the field of design, architecture and pedagogy, and work towards building a school system which effectively serves the needs of its region, teachers and students.

Key topics for discussions:

  • Overview of current, recent & future projects
  • Delivering quality learning spaces where communities need them
  • Creating modern learning environments: What teachers are looking for and how best to implement changing practices


8:50 am

OPENING | Opening remarks from the Chair


9:40 am

  • Realising the best location for newly built schools
  • Understanding how changing pedagogy dictates the needs of schools
  • Delivering high quality learning environments

10:20 am

  • Challenges meeting continued population growth
  • Including schools in urban and regional development projects
  • Creating contemporary learning facilities
  • Amalgamating small schools in areas of declining enrolments

11:00 am

Morning Tea


11:30 am

  • Winner of the ‘future project award’ at the World Architecture Awards in Berlin
  • Outlining the benefits of vertical school in densely populated areas
  • What are the specific challenges when designing for primary aged students?

12:10 pm

A presentation on how the learning, design and engineering were
developed to provide a fully integrated and flexible response to
the vertical challenge at the new Arthur Phillip High School in

12:50 pm


1:50 pm

  • Creating modern learning environments
  • An insight into the challenges faced
  • Operating in a vertical school


2:30 pm

  • Highlighting architectures role is contemporary learning spaces
  • Effectively utilising space
  • Understanding the role of architecture in regenerating urban areas

3:10 pm

Afternoon Tea


3:30 pm

  • How the Public Private Partnership (PPP) model can be used to deliver school projects
  • Managing and mitigating risk during the tendering and delivery of PPP transactions
  • Exploring other innovative funding & financing avenues

4:10 pm

  • Unlocking alternative avenues of funding
  • Emerging opportunities for investment in the school sector
  • Innovative methods of financing

4:50 pm

Closing Remarks

5:00 pm

Networking Drinks

8:50 am

OPENING | Opening remarks from the Chair


9:00 am

  • Challenges faced throughout the construction phase
  • Delivering large scale projects
  • Creating innovative methods of delivering schools efficiently


9:40 am

School facilities have been some of the most underutilised public assets in Australia. However, state governments across the country are currently endorsing the development of schools as community hubs. This session will address a range of issues, including:

  • How can school facilities be designed to support enhanced social capital, education, health and well-being outcomes for Australian communities?
  • What forms of co-ordination between multiple levels of government, non-government agencies, schools and community groups is required to deliver community oriented schools?
  • How can we overcome the current ‘obstacle course’ that is limiting attempts to maximise school facilities for broader community benefit?

10:20 am

Morning Tea

10:40 am

  • Strategically developing land
  • Exploring the challenges of ensuring infrastructure meets 21st century requirements
  • Understanding the opportunity to create shared facilities

11:20 am

  • Highlighting the need for adaptable learning spaces
  • What do teacher’s want to see in modern classrooms?
  • Adopting a coherent approach to redeveloping and building new classrooms

12:20 pm



1:20 pm

  • Developing Open Plan, multipurpose, flexible learning environments
  • Highlighting the benefits of adaptable open plan classrooms
  • Children involved in planning their own educational path outcomes
  • The self development of young people
  • The lessons from around the world, e.g. the UK and Scandinavian Schools

2:00 pm

  • Preparing for changes in pedagogy
  • Realising the benefits of learning in modern environments
  • Accommodating 21st century pedagogical advancements

2:40 pm

  • Maximising the use of ILEs facilities
  • Providing multi-modal, technology-infused and flexible learning spaces
  • Exploring the current data and feedback

3:20 pm

Closing Remarks

3:30 pm

End of Conference & Afternoon Tea


Packages Price
Package(Two Days) $795+GSTEarly Bird
Packages Price
Package(Two Days) $1295+GSTEarly Bird
Packages Price
Package(Two Days) $2695+GSTEarly Bird


Jenny Atta

Deputy Secretary Infrastructure and Finance Services Group, Department of Education and Training Victoria


Tony McCabe

Group Director - Capital Works, NSW Dept. of Education


Ross Treadwell

Executive Director - Infrastructure, Department For Education & Child Development South Australia


Richard Leonard

Director, Hayball Architects


Julian Soper

Associate Principal, Arup

Louise Brown

Associate Principal, Grimshaw

Derek Scott

Principal, Haileybury

Andrew Cortese

Joint Managing Partner, Grimshaw Australia


Nicholas Adkins

Partner, Allens

Sammy Isreb

Division Director, Macquarie Capital

Sam Marshall

Senior Manager, Development & Delivery, Macquarie Capital

Dr Ben Cleveland

University of Melbourne

Dr Briony Scott

Principal, Wenona School

Jeremy Ludowyke

Principal, Melbourne High School


Darren Atkinson

Principal, Aquinas College


Max Chester

Director, Chester Architects

Catherine Misson

Principal, Melbourne Girls Grammar School


Wesley Imms

Head, Visual Art and Design Education, University of Melbourne

when & where

23 - 24 May 2017

Novotel on Collins, Melbourne
270 Collins St, Melbourne VIC 3000
+61 (0)3 9667 5800

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Conference Manager
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Sponsorship Manager
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