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School Planning Design and Construction

Building adaptable learning environments that effectively serve the country, its growing population and the needs of students and teachers. Register now.

22-23 May 2018 | Rendezvous Hotel Melbourne

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Expanding and developing schools and classroom space remains a high priority for state government across Australia. Persistent population growth is placing ever great strain on already struggling education Infrastructure, thus placing pressure on successive governments to invest in school building projects, ensuring sufficient school spaces are available now and for following generations.

Governments continue to commit to record spending across the sector. 2017/18 budgets pledged record funding to the sector; Victoria has dedicated over $500m for the construction, planning an upgrading of schools, Queensland designated nearly $1bn to infrastructure projects, whilst NSW set aside $4.2bn over four years, with an estimated 32,000 classrooms to be built.

As pedagogy continues to advance, so does what teachers want and students need from classrooms. Researchers persist in search of the holy-grail in teaching practice and architects pursue innovative solutions to allow students to flourish in their learning environments. Increased population growth and demand for student spaces ensure that continued investment into the education sector is imperative. But, the aforementioned continuously changing approaches to teaching and classroom spaces ensure that the emphasis on planning and designing innovative classrooms is as imperative as ever; allowing student success and teaching excellence to thrive.



8:50 am

Opening Remarks from the Chair


9:00 am

KEYNOTE | An overview of the Victorian Government’s school building policy and projects

9:40 am

—— Planning for schools in an ever-changing environment
—— Building support across multiple partners
—— Placing schools at the heart of communities
—— Is it just bricks and mortar?

10:20 am

—— Effectively and efficiently delivering schools promptly to satisfy continued population growth
—— Managing and mitigating financial risk
—— How best can governments continue to deliver education infrastructure projects?

11:00 am

Networking and refreshment break


11:30 am

—— Highlighting the design and construction process of 8 new schools
—— Challenges delivering the schools
—— How has utilising the PPP model benefited the project?


12:10 pm

—— Which regions are likely to see the strongest population growth of school aged persons
—— Preparing now for future focus areas
—— The flip side; where is the population shrinking, and are we likely to see school closures?

12:50 pm

Lunch and networking break


1:50 pm

—— The focus areas for education should be the guiding principles in designing our future schools
—— Incorporating handling complexity, lifelong learning, entrepreneurship and resilience into classroom design


2:50 pm

—— Reviewing recent redevelopments at Central Coast Grammar School aimed at achieving specific pillars or CCGS’s Strategic plan
—— How have classrooms been redesigned to allow contemporary and innovative teaching methods to thrive?
—— Looking at the aims of the strategic plan and how buildings and classrooms are used to support this

3:30 pm

Networking and refreshment break

4:00 pm

—— A look at Lauriston Girls’ School’s plans for a new gymnasium, Years 5 & 6 centre and Early Learning Centre
—— How will these facilities be developed in the middle of Toorak and Armadale?
—— How will these spaces be reimagined whilst retaining original facades?

4:40 pm

—— Assessing the benefit of the modern, innovative classroom spaces?
—— How can we understand the benefits of changing pedagogy?
—— What are we learning about what 21st century classrooms should look like?

5:20 pm

CLOSING | Closing remarks from the Chair

5:30 pm

Networking drinks

8:50 am

Opening Remarks from the Chair


9:00 am

—— Looking at the unfamiliar nature of operating in a high-rise school
—— How has the design of this school differed whilst allowing for a contemporary teaching environment?
—— What is envisaged for the school going forward?
—— What are the lessons emerging from the integrated community model of schools?


9:40 am

—— Josiah College- an Autism-specific Learning Environment
—— Purpose-designed new school on greenfield site
—— Building envelopes, finishes, surfaces & services all based on Autism-specific research
—— Specialist staff & individually-tailored teaching
—— Large unmet demand, Australia-wide

10:20 am

Networking and refreshment break

10:50 am

—— How are classrooms being designed to support modern learning and teaching techniques?
—— How are classrooms changing around the world?
—— A look at recent, current and planned projects

11:30 am

—— Recognising the diversity of student cohorts when designing classrooms
—— Ensuring all students and staff can benefit from contemporary schools

12:10 pm

Lunch and networking break

1:10 pm

—— How can classrooms be designed to support changing pedagogy?
—— Where could improvements in design be made?
—— Looking at what teachers want in their classrooms


2:10 pm

—— Could modular construction be an effective long term solution to Australia’s growing student population?
—— Looking at the cost and time frame benefits of using modular classrooms
—— How does the use of modular facilities impact on student experience and learning outcomes?


2:50 pm

—— How is the continued development of open, flexible classrooms presenting challenges ensuring all users are safe?
—— Continually ensuring school facilities meet WHS requirements

3:30 pm

CLOSING | Closing remarks from the Chair

3:40 pm

End of Conference


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John Neish

Executive Director Strategic Planning, School Infrastructure NSW, NSW Department of Education

David Asteraki

Director, Infrastructure Finance, ACT Government

Rocky Slater

Manager PPP - WA Schools PPP, Representing Badge/Perkins Joint Venture

Simon Kuestenmacher

Director of Research, The Demographics Group

William Low

Principal, Central Coast Grammar School

Susan Just

Principal, Lauriston Girls' School

Dr Benjamin Cleveland

Senior Lecturer in Architecture & Associate Director LEaRN, University of Melbourne

Richard Leonard

Director, Hayball Architects

Noel Creece

Principal, South Melbourne Primary School

Alan Hayes

Director, Hamilton Hayes Henderson Architects

Patrick Innes-Hill

Headmaster, Emmanuel College & Instigator of the Josiah College Project

Associate Professor Jenene Burke

Associate Dean learning and Teaching, Federation University

Brendan Pope

Design Manager, Fleetwood

Allison Crunden

Unit Manager - OHS and Safety in Design, Architecture and Access

when & where

22 - 23 May 2018

Rendezvous Hotel Melbourne
328 Flinders St
Melbourne VIC 3000
(03) 9250 1888

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Conference Manager
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Sponsorship Manager
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