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Pumped Hydro Energy Storage Conference

Informa Australia is delighted to announce the forthcoming Pumped Hydro Energy Storage conference

29 August 2017 | Swissôtel Sydney

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Informa Australia is delighted to announce the forthcoming Pumped Hydro Energy Storage conference. At a pivotal time for the energy market in Australia, the recent announcement that the Federal Government is looking to develop a $2 billion expansion of the Snowy Hydro scheme has brought to the forefront of debate the potential for pumped hydro solutions. In addition to this the Federal Government’s recent announcement of funding a $450,000 grant to Energy Australia to develop a pumped hydro energy storage project in South Australia, has certainly raised the profile of the potential for this technology to be rolled out.

Bringing together key experts in this rapidly changing field, this will be a unique event at which to explore the opportunities for future growth.



8:45 am

Opening remarks from the Chair

8:50 am

Expanding Hydro Tasmania to provide affordable, reliable electricity

Christopher Gwynne, Manager, Governance, Information Processes and Systems (IP&S) Hydro Tasmania

9:15 am

  • ARENA and ARENA investment priorities
  • Role of energy storage
  • ARENA views on energy storage: battery v PHES
  • Profile and outlook of PHES in Australia
  • Outlook

9:45 am

  • Opportunities and challenges for investing in energy storage
  • What the CEFC looks for when financing projects
  • Key investment trends
  • CEFC’s outlook for energy security

10:15 am

Networking and refreshment break

10:40 am

The Melbourne Energy Institute in partnership with consortium members Arup and Energy Australia, and with funding from ARENA, is investigating the feasibility of a pumped hydro project using seawater near Port Augusta. Pumped hydro is decades old technology but using seawater is an innovative variation, necessary in a relatively dry state with market-leading penetration of renewables. This presentation will discuss the learnings thus far in the project, explore the relative merits of pumped hydro and batteries and examine the impact that this project could have to improve grid stability in South Australia.

11:10 am

  • Low cost, large scale energy storage
  • Proven technology
  • 250MW, 6 hours of generation for 1,500 MWh storage
  • Integration with co-located renewable energy generation (270MW Kidston solar stage 2)

11:45 am

  • With the rapid global increase of wind and solar power, hydropower needs to review its place, and its opportunities, within the wider energy sector
  • Balancing the energy ‘trilemma’ of security, affordability and environmental sustainability
  • The critical need to focus on human resources and capacity development

12:15 pm

Optimize your Pumped Storage plant - Pumped Storage applications

Dr. Peter Angerer, Head of Technical Sales Electrical Power Systems, Andritz Hydro

12:35 pm

Networking and lunch

1:35 pm

  • The prescription for an affordable, stable and achievable 100% renewable electricity grid, using generation technology that has been very widely deployed, and for which reliable prices are available. This means solar photovoltaics (PV) and wind
  • Supporting wide distribution of PV and wind with strong interconnection via high voltage DC or AC (HVDC/AC) power lines
  • Adding storage, primarily in the form of pumped hydro energy storage (PHES), but batteries and demand management can also help

In this presentation we will discuss the role of PHES in supported high renewable energy futures. We will describe the site-searching and cost-modelling being undertaken at the Australian National University: find every feasible PHES site in Australia and attach a cost modelling tool to allow ranking of sites and to facilitate pre-feasibilty studies

2:10 pm

  • Finding the right sites quickly via concept studies
  • Overcoming the high costs of development activities
  • How the regulatory framework is holding back investment
  • The impact of new technologies

2:40 pm

  • Towards 50% renewables in Queensland and recent developments
  • I mplications for Grid loading and Need for large scale energy storage
  • Pumped storage and hydro-electric investigations undertaken across Queensland
  • Case study
  • Next steps

3:05 pm

Afternoon tea

3:35 pm

  • Key components – 14 km of tunnels up to 9 m diameter, two underground caverns, 6 shafts, 4 x 333 MW pump turbines, a 50m high concrete faced rock fill upper dam and a 40m high roller compacted concrete lower dam
  • Will include market overview and business case, contract type and packaging, risk management, design and construction details, environmental and social considerations
  • Based on six years’ experience leading the design and construction supervision of the scheme

4:05 pm

Regulating pumped hydro and storage – both now and in the future

Amar Rathore, General Manager of Technical Assessment and Support Branch, Clean Energy Regulator

4:35 pm

The global electrical distribution system needs storage and it needs it fast, to cope with seasonal variations of load and increasing surplus domestic Solar PV production. A multi-megawatt sized SolarPV system incorporating a closed loop (tank to tank) pumpedhydro storage will provide for a fast and rapid build out of scalable and expandable/variable storage solutions, with capex in line with current battery trends. However, this system of storage offers a long service life in excess of 30 years, somewhat similar to the investment strategies that underpin WindPower investment and a 100% useful operating range of stored energy with zero charged-state losses.

5:00 pm

Pump Storage Technology

DI Andreas Rammler, Head of Technical Sales Turbines, Andritz Hydro

5:20 pm

Closing remarks and close of conference

5:25 pm

Networking drinks


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Chris Gwynne

Christopher Gwynne

Manager, Governance, Information Processes and Systems (IP&S) Hydro Tasmania

Matt Walden

Transaction Specialist | Business Development & Transactions, Australian Renewable Energy Agency (ARENA)

Simon Brooker

Executive Director Corporate & Project Finance, Clean Energy Finance Corporation

Dr Roger Dargaville

Senior Lecturer, Renewable Energy, Monash University

Michael Addison

Managing Director, Genex Power

Tammy Chu

Managing Director, Entura

Dr. Peter Angerer

Head of Technical Sales Electrical Power Systems, Andritz Hydro

Professor Andrew Blakers

Director of the Australian National University Centre for Sustainable Energy Systems

Nick West

Senior Civil Engineer, Entura

Professor Simon Bartlett AM

Australian Chair in Electricity Transmission, University of Queensland

Andrew Wilson

Project Director, McConnell Dowell

Amar Rathore

General Manager of Technical Assessment and Support Branch, Clean Energy Regulator

Andrew Thaler

Singletom Solar Farm, Superdrome Solar Array, XYZ Solar Pty Ltd

DI Andreas Rammler

Head of Technical Sales Turbines, Andritz Hydro

when & where

29 Aug 2017

Swissôtel Sydney
68 Market St, Sydney NSW 2000
Phone: (02) 9238 8888

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