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Prisons 2017

Sharing insights and expertise on whole of life cycle management of correctional facilities in Australia.

15-16 August 2017 | Radisson Blu Plaza Sydney

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Innovations in Prison design, technology and management must be considered if Australia is to compete with the impressively low rates of recidivism overseas.

Widespread prison closures and subsequent overcrowding have serious implications for prison culture, inmate human rights, and reoffending.

But which innovations yield the best results? And who will fund these developments?

Uniting prisons, policy makers, investors and design and technology innovators, Prisons 2017 conference will critically analyse the current prison system in Australia and explore possibilities for improvement.



8:55 am

OPENING | Opening remarks from the Chair


9:00 am

  • Focussing on how prisoners understand their sentence
  • Considering prisoner understanding of rehabilitation
  • How does overcrowding impact on a successfully operating
    prison service?
  • Does the government need to rethink its approach to prisons and

9:40 am

  • Examining the current state of Western Australian prisons
  • Where are positive advances being made and where is there
    room for improvement?
  • Can other states learn anything from WA’s approach?

10:20 am

Networking and refreshment break


10:45 am

  • Creating new financing avenues
  • Efficiently allocating funding
  • Overall management of a growing prisons budget

11:25 am

  • Are relevant programs to address reoffending available?
  • Are programs accessible to prisoners?
  • Are programs effective in reducing reoffending behaviour?

12:05 pm

Lunch and networking break


1:10 pm

  • Highlighting the objective of prison investment – physical
    improvement, training, educational opportunities etc.
  • Project ownership – developing strong leadership to deliver
    meaningful prison reforms.
  • Implementing constructive opportunities for resocialisation from
    the start, especially with juvenile and young offenders


1:50 pm

  • Developing infrastructure capable of achieving successful
  • Ensuring investment in prisons returns value for money
  • Creating a structure that rewards by results

2:40 pm

  • Creating a new approach to the delivery of services in prisons
  • Understanding the roles of all involved
  • Opportunities for to invest in positive change

3:20 pm

Networking and refreshment break


3:40 pm

  • Examining the impact crowded facilities have on design
  • Relieving the pressures of overcrowding through innovative
  • Creating adaptability in design

4:20 pm

  • Understanding the effects of overcrowding on design
  • How are current and predicted changes in law likely to impact on
    the design phase?
  • Outlining the role of the architect in delivering positive results

5:00 pm

  • Implementing design structures that assist in breaking cycles of crime
  • As Australia’s prison population continues to grow, how does overcrowding impact on a prisons ability to operate as it was designed to do?
  • Understanding the link between the built environment and prisoner rehabilitation

5:40 pm

CLOSING | Closing remarks from the Chair

5:50 pm

Networking drinks

8:55 am

OPENING | Opening remarks from the Chair


9:00 am

Alleviating the pressure on prison infrastructure

  • The continued rise in prisoner population: how are bail, sentencing laws and controls impacting this?
  • Emphasising rehabilitation and ensuring inmates are not further criminalised during their incarceration
  • Providing post release support and offering services to reduce the risk of re-offending

9:40 am

  • How the community can support responses to offending behaviour;
  • What it means to promote justice;
  • What responses to offending are required in the distinctly Australian context?

10:20 am

Sentence calculation and administration errors occur and have adverse consequences to the community, individual prisoners, and their families.

  • how frequent are these errors in Queensland and how can they be minimised?
  • how transparent should the public sector be in reporting discharge and detention errors?
  • what is the appropriate course of action when errors are found?

11:00 am

Networking and refreshment break


11:20 am

  • Cyber threats are ever increasing and critical infrastructure is exposed, including prisons. This presentation will discuss the emerging threats and trends, look at the risks, and discuss some of the techniques for preparing and mitigating against the threat.
    – Cyber threats and examples
    – Technology and Trends
    – Assessing the Risks
    – Preparation and Mitigation

12:00 pm

  • Incorporating technology in facilities
  • Preparing for advances in technology
  • Highlighting the benefits and challenges in the use of technology

12:40 pm

Lunch and networking break

1:40 pm

Optimising technology in risk adverse environments


2:20 pm

  • Managing and mitigating the risks of investment
  • Maintaining strong relationships with key stakeholders
  • Highlighting the specific challenges to investment in this sector

3:00 pm

  • Managing the delivery of prison PPP projects
  • Highlighting the specific challenges in prison negotiations
  • Outlining recent PPP success stories in the prisons sector

3:40 pm

CLOSING | Closing remarks from the Chair

3:50 pm

End of Conference


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Dr Maggie Hall

Lecturer, Western Sydney University

Neil Morgan

Inspector Custodial Services, Western Australia


Ben Gales

Executive Director, Economic Policy, NSW Treasury


Claudia Migotto

Principal Performance Auditor, NSW Audit Office

Dr Conor Mooney

Technical Advisor for Judicial Infrastructure, Council of Europe Development Bank


Dr Elizabeth Grant

Senior Research Fellow, University of Adelaide

Rohan Lulham

Research Fellow, Designing Out Crime Research Centre

Adj Prof Nicholas Cowdery AM QC

Institute of Criminology, Sydney University & Former NSW Director of Public Prosecutions


Professor Brian Stout

School of Social Sciences & Psychology, Western Sydney University


Darren Brown

Director - Performance Audit, Queensland Audit Office

Scott Greenwood

Systems and Project Manager, Saab Group

Senior Representative, Norman Disney & Young

Tom Perkin

Vice-President, Macquarie Capital

Jo Pugsley

Partner, Clayton Utz

when & where

15 - 16 Aug 2017

Radisson Blu Plaza Hotel Sydney
27 O’Connell St
Sydney NSW 2000
+61 (02) 8214 0000

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Jamie Birch
Conference Manager
+61 2 9080 4360

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Sponsorship Manager
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