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Annual National Policing Summit

Strategy, Leadership and Modernisation within Crime and Terror prevention will be the main focus of discussions at this year’s National Policing Summit.

6 – 7 Jun 2017 | Novotel Brisbane

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Strategy, Leadership and Modernisation within Crime and Terror prevention will be the main focus of discussions at this year’s National Policing Summit.

With insights from Federal and State commissioners, government departments, law enforcement agencies, and strategic analysts, the Summit will discuss and define the future roadmap for Australian policing; in an era defined by increasingly sophisticated national security threats and rapid technological change.

Spanning two days, the National Policing Summit will provide a comprehensive overview of current best practice in law enforcement, and serve as a platform for delegates to address speakers with their own specific concerns on issues ranging from policy reform to service delivery.





8:50 am

OPENING | Opening remarks from the Chair

Michael Lenton, Executive Chairman, Leonardo Australia


9:00 am

KEYNOTE | Opposition Address

Clare O’Neil MP, Shadow Minister for Justice

10:00 am

  • How can we improve flexible working arrangements for
    individuals and policing?
  • Who’s accessing and who plans to access flexible working
    arrangements in the future
  • Will we ever be successful in gaining 50/50 employment in
    policing without appropriate flexible working arrangements and
    other relevant policies

10:30 am

Networking and refreshment break

11:00 am

KEYNOTE | Parliamentary Address

Craig Kelly MP, Chair, Parliamentary Joint Committee on Law Enforcement

11:30 am

  • Removing systemic contributors to harassment
  • Improving access to flexible working arrangements
  • Developing diverse, equal and cohesive working environments

12:00 pm

Lunch and networking break


1:00 pm

  • Discuss the mission critical and operational benefits for the selection of a Multi-Mission capable helicopter within a Police Aviation Unit.
  • Identify the mission systems available to configure a helicopter to provide safe and efficient Police Air support to ground Police Officers.
  • Through case studies show how Law Enforcement Helicopters have contributed to the ‘Preservation of the Peace and Protection of Life’.

1:30 pm

  • Crime Suppression Through Community Engagement
  • NFP role in supporting policing agencies
  • Delivering results and helping create safer local communities

2:00 pm

  • Reviews the case study literature showing large reductions in complaints and/or use of force indicators
  • Provides an in-depth examination of one Australian and one US case study
  • Focused on strategic initiatives and appropriate measures

2:30 pm

Networking and refreshment break

3:00 pm

  • The ALRC is the federal government’s independent agency for law reform and is currently undertaking an inquiry into the incarceration rate of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples.
  • The focus on the inquiry is on the criminal justice system and how law reform can help to reduce the overrepresentation of Indigenous peoples in our prisons.
  • Areas for consideration will include: The nature of offences resulting in incarceration; bail and remand; diversion; sentencing; and post release and transition back into the community.
  • The ALRC will release a Discussion Paper in June and welcomes feedback on its law reform proposals that will be canvassed in this presentation.

3:30 pm

  • To pursue or not to pursue: The current Australian landscape
  • Political appetite for pursuits and community expectation
  • Pursuit resolution options

4:30 pm

CLOSING | Closing remarks from the Chair

Michael Lenton, Executive Chairman, Leonardo Australia

4:40 pm

Networking drinks

8:50 am

OPENING | Opening remarks from the Chair

Jacinta Carroll, Head Counter Terrorism Policy Centre, Australian Strategic Policy Institute


9:00 am

  • I mplications of a changed threat environment on law enforcement
  • Capacity and Sustainability
  • Post event implications

9:30 am

Future challenges in countering terrorism

Sara Goldsworthy, Assistant Secretary Counter-Terrorism, Department of the Prime Minister and Cabinet

10:00 am

  • What are the key policy issues and directions for CT?
  • How will these affect current approaches and operations?
  • What is the impact on capability, including interoperability and

10:30 am

Networking and refreshment break

11:00 am

Intervention efforts to reduce violent extremism in Australia have
traditionally been led by police rather than Muslim community
groups. This is potentially counter-productive and may ultimately
lead to failure in reducing the incidence of violent extremism around
the country. Police are never in a good position to get communities
on-side to support interventions, as they are required to also carry
out more punitive functions such as disruption, arrest and
prosecution. Therefore, police engagement with communities is
seldom viewed positively and is often viewed with suspicion. The
presentation will examine police community engagement strategies
and examine whether there are more effective CVE strategies
outside of police-led models.

11:30 am

  • QFTAC is a partnership between QLD Police & QLD Health
  • It is the first service of its kind outside of Europe
  • Initially set up as an approach to protect public figures
  • It has now been expanded to identify and mitigate lone actor terrorist attacks


12:00 pm

  • The Australian Border Force was established on 1 July 2015 after the merger of the former Australian Customs and Border Protection Service and the Department of Immigration and Border Protection
  • The Commissioner will review the work that has happened in the last two years and discuss the enhanced capability that the ABF brings to the fight against transnational crime, illegal contraband, people smuggling and the ongoing and systemic exploitation of our visa system and offer a forward looking view to the future of the ABF and its role in Australian society.

12:30 pm

Australia's approach to Civil Maritime Security; jurisdiction, collaboration and enforcement

Rear Admiral Peter Laver, Commander Maritime Border Command, Australian Border Force

1:00 pm

Lunch and networking break


2:00 pm

  • Victoria Police released its Capability Plan in 2015-16 which delivers a roadmap towards our desired future state to create a more modernised force.
  • The Capability Plan lead to an unprecedented level of funding being provided by the Victoria State Government through the Public Safety – Police Response and the Community Safety Statement initiatives. The funding covers a broad range of areas across the organisation and represents a huge delivery programme.
  • As part of ensuring delivery of both the Capability Plan and the associated initiatives, Victoria Police has set up its first Enterprise Program Management Office. This represents our continuing journey towards doing things differently and providing modern strategies to deliver policing services.

2:30 pm

  • A strategic solution for the dissemination of RPAS intelligence
  • Coordinated leadership to ensure all jurisdictions are headed on
    a similar path
  • A modernised force to keep pace with technology that is freely
    available to those whom intend harm

3:00 pm

Networking and refreshment break


3:30 pm

  • Australian police are winning the battles against specific
    organised crime syndicates, but not having any lasting impact on
  • This session will explore why the use of drug seizure and arrests
    statistics may not be effective performance measures
  • The idea that current performance measures are negatively
    impacting on police innovation will also be explored

4:00 pm

  • What is the extent in Australia today of security operatives who
    are privately financed and managed?
  • Policing today includes a range of public and private social control
    mechanisms. In a pluralised world, state-run (public) police forces
    are simply one part of a diverse policing landscape. What does
    that landscape look like?
  • The relationships between public police and private operatives
    are still very much in a fluid state. What is the future of the
    relationship between police and “non-police” in the maintenance
    of order?

4:30 pm

What the world will look like after global drug prohibition

Dr Alex Wodak AM, President, Australian Drug Law Reform Foundation

5:00 pm

CLOSING | Closing remarks from the Chair

5:10 pm

End of Conference


Packages Price
Package(Two Days) $2395+GSTEarly Bird
Packages Price
Package(Two Days) $1495+GSTEarly Bird



Clare O’Neil MP

Shadow Minister for Justice

Roman Quaedvlieg APM

Commissioner, Australia Border Force

Craig Kelly MHR Hughes NSW Liberal Official Portrait 9/9/2010 file no 10456

Craig Kelly MP

Chair, Parliamentary Joint Committee on Law Enforcement


Deputy Commissioner Catherine Burn APM

Specialist Operations, New South Wales Police


Assistant Commissioner Ray Johnson APM

Reform Culture & Standards Command, Australian Federal Police

Karl Kent OAM

Deputy Secretary, Corporate and Regulatory Services, Victoria Police

Assistant Commissioner Tracy Linford

Queensland Police Service


Scott Weber

Vice President, Police Federation of Australia


Ian Leavers

General President, Queensland Police Union


George Tilbury

President , WA Police Union


Sara Goldsworthy

Assistant Secretary Counter-Terrorism, Department of the Prime Minister and Cabinet

CDRE Peter Laver

Rear Admiral Peter Laver

Commander Maritime Border Command, Australian Border Force

James Wang

Senior Vice President Marketing, Leonardo Helicopters


Sabina Wynn

Executive Director, Australian Law Reform Commission


Jacinta Carroll

Head Counter Terrorism Policy Centre, Australian Strategic Policy Institute

Dr Clarke Jones

Co-Director, Australian Intervention Support Hub, Australian National University

Corey Wilson

Manager Business Development – Homeland Security and Defence, IDS Australia


John Coyne

Head of Border Security Program, Australian Strategic Policy Institute


Professor Rick Sarre

Professor of Law and Criminal Justice, University of South Australia


Dr Alex Wodak AM

President, Australian Drug Law Reform Foundation


Trevor O’Hara

Chairman, Crime Stoppers Australia

Michael Lenton

Executive Chairman, Leonardo Australia

when & where

06 - 07 Jun 2017

Novotel Brisbane
200 Creek St
Brisbane City QLD 4000
Phone: (07) 3309 3309

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