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Innovation & Start-Ups in the Energy Sector

In partnership with Reneweconomy the event will discuss the latest opportunities, challenges, innovative technologies, programs and developments for energy industry start-ups.
8-9 May 2017 | Swissotel Sydney

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With energy industry disruption comes great opportunities to develop innovations to meet an increasingly diverse energy mix.

Renewables, batteries and a host of emerging new energy technologies are drastically challenging the existing energy markets. We are looking at a clean-technology energy future and the timing is right for a fundamental shift towards funding innovative business models which overcome adoption barriers to already mature technologies.

Start-ups will play a key role in Australia’s energy future and hence we must develop the right frameworks and environment to bring together innovative, creative & bold thinkers as they have the potential to be the game changers in this clean energy revolution.

The Innovation & Start-ups in the Energy Sector Conference is designed as a platform for technology researchers and start-ups, industry leaders, utilities, solar installers, energy storage companies, technology manufacturers, equipment providers, project developers, investors, non-traditional power companies and consultants, to come together and discuss the latest opportunities, challenges, innovative technologies, programs and developments for energy industry start-ups.

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8:15 am

Registration & morning coffee

9:00 am

OPENING | Opening remarks from the Chairman

Giles Parkinson, Founder and Editor, RenewEconomy

9:10 am

  • Incubators and accelerators have become a common path for success, in many cases replacing early stage VC, for startups in a number of sectors
  • They are replicable around the world and can be used to ensure a higher survival rate and to drive more innovation in to the energy ecosystem
  • Australia risks being left behind in entrepreneurial innovation in regards to energy despite great IP and R&D due to the “coal is king” mentality there
  • If we can get past that the sky is the limit for Aussie entrepreneurs

9:40 am

Unblocking Australia’s potential

10:10 am

Accelerating Commercialisation, an element of the Entrepreneurs’ Programme, is the Australian Government’s flagship initiative to support competitiveness and growth at the firm level. It forms part of the Australian Government’s National Innovation and Science Agenda. Find out how the Australian Government is supporting innovation and advancement in the energy industry.

10:40 am


10:50 am

Morning tea


11:20 am

CEFC’s role as a catalyst for investment in new energy technologies

Katerina Kimmorley, Innovation Fund, Senior Associate, Clean Energy Finance Corporation

12:20 pm

  • History of venture capital and typical investment structures
  • The Southern Cross Renewable Energy fund and example investments
  • Specific examples of energy companies backed by VC

12:50 pm


1:00 pm


3:00 pm

  • The new generation of energy innovation and opportunities for tech start-ups
  • Simultaneous business, product and partnership development – turning ideas into solutions
  • Getting the mix right to thrive – vision, capacity and cash

3:15 pm


3:20 pm

Afternoon tea

3:50 pm


Philip Livingston, Founder, Redback Technologies

4:05 pm


4:20 pm

  • Customer feedback is essential to developing new products
  • The customers for lithium ion battery materials are all overseas
  • How Nano-Nouvelle initiates and maintains successful overseas collaborations

4:35 pm

  • Energy Action: our 17 year-old start up story
  • Microgrids & Embedded Networks: what are the enablers & disablers today?
  • Why do Microgrids matter now and why will they matter tomorrow?
  • A prediction on microgrids: to the owners will go the fruits

4:50 pm

CASE STUDY | Tremendous opportunities for the application of the blockchain technology, especially in microgrids with distributed and decentralised energy systems

Lawrence Orsini, Founder, LO3 Energy

5:05 pm


5:20 pm

Closing remarks and networking drinks

8:30 am

Morning coffee

9:00 am

OPENING | Opening remarks from the Chairman – Energy Innovation Technology Trends

John O’Brien, Managing Director, Australian CleanTech & Sino CleanTech

9:15 am

  • An overview of A-Lab, ARENA’s integrating renewables and grids innovation lab
  • What are the latest developments in distributed energy markets and technologies?
  • How are start-ups and incumbents working together to deliver innovation outcomes?
  • What are the key innovation challenges to overcome in order to realise a reliable and affordable renewable energy future?

9:45 am

Aligning the energy industry to empowered energy consumers

Mike Swanston, Principal Consultant, The Customer Advocate

10:05 am


11:00 am

Morning tea

11:30 am

  • Developing an innovation friendly culture
  • What role can big business play in bring innovative ideas from concept to market?

12:10 pm


12:25 pm

  • Facilitating a distributed energy market
  • Disruption without the destruction of value

12:40 pm


12:50 pm


1:50 pm

INTERACTIVE PANEL | Experts & start-ups discuss challenges, experiences and lessons learned Start Up’s

Gavin Dietz, Managing Director, Wattwatchers

Martin Poole, Company Secretary, Fulcrum 3D

John O’Brien, Managing Director, Australian CleanTech & Sino CleanTech

Ben Waters, Co-Founder and Strategy Director, Presync (Australian Technologies Competition judge)

Giles Bourne, CEO, BluGlass (Australian Technologies Competition judge)

2:50 pm

CASE STUDY | Overcoming the barriers to customer innovation

Adrian Merrick, Founder & CEO, Energy Locals

3:05 pm


3:20 pm


3:30 pm

Afternoon tea

4:00 pm

  • Overview of inverter and battery appliance market
  • Barriers to scale in a market driven rollout
  • Innovative options to address barriers
  • Case studies

4:15 pm

  • Essence of the Technology
  • Levelised Cost of Electricity (LCOE)
  • Uses and Applications of PSC PV
  • Dyesol’s Commercialisation Schedule

4:30 pm

  • Examples of adding value to our 15,000+ solar households
  • Increasing solar output
  • Load shifting
  • Battery optimisation

4:45 pm


5:00 pm


5:15 pm

Closing remarks and end of Conference


Packages Price
Package(Two Days) $2695$2495+GSTEarly BirdEarly Bird
Packages Price
Package(Two Days) $895$695+GSTEarly BirdEarly Bird
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Package(Two Days) $2095$1895+GSTEarly BirdEarly Bird

Event pricing

  • Standard rate
    – Early Bird Rate: $2,495 + GST (SAVE $200). Expires 24 April 2017
    – Standard Pricing Rate: $2,695 + GST
  • Start-ups and Small businesses
    – Early Bird Rate: $695 + GST (SAVE $200). Expires 24 April 2017
    – Standard Pricing Rate: $895 + GST
    * Small business defines as fewer than 20 employees. Delegates choose to book at this rate will go through a verification process by the conference team.
  • Government and Academia
    – Early Bird Rate: $1,895 + GST (SAVE $200). Expires 24 April 2017
    – Standard Pricing Rate: $2,095 + GST

Key Issues

The event is perfectly timed to address key issues such as:

  • Government initiatives supporting innovation and advancement in the energy industry
  • How regulation and market access is assisting or inhibiting the energy transformation
  • What is currently being done to reforming our approach to risk and entrepreneurship?
  • What is the role of innovation in the long term plan to secure Australia’s future economic prosperity?
  • Innovative business models and the importance of energy & clean-tech start-up hubs
  • Optimising Australia’s R&D landscape in the energy sector
  • What can we learn from other regions?
  • Unblocking Australia’s potential and transforming our technological capabilities to meet the rapidly growing energy industry
  • Potential game changers and how innovation is disrupting the energy industry?
  • Capturing opportunities for growth, development, collaboration and innovation across the energy sector
  • Capital raising and investment in innovative technologies & clean energy start-ups
  • Funding available for energy start-ups
  • The consumer aspect – what do home owners and business crave?
  • Case studies from innovators who can enhance the competitiveness and efficiency of Australia’s energy resource industry including Industry leading research projects and technological advances in areas such as:
    • Solar – Energy storage, panels, and batteries
    • Digital platforms enhancing customer engagement
    • Intelligent home energy systems
    • Energy efficient technologies
    • Host of exciting and emerging new energy technologies



Giles Parkinson

Founder and Editor, RenewEconomy

SANTA MONICA, CA - JUNE 08:  Sungevity Co-Founder Danny Kennedy speaks at Global Green USA's Millennium Awards at Fairmont Miramar Hotel on June 8, 2013 in Santa Monica, California benefiting the places, the people and the planet in need.  (Photo by Charley Gallay/Getty Images for Global Green)

Danny Kennedy

Managing Director, California Clean Energy Fund, and President of CalCharge


Larry Lopez

Director, Accelerating Commercialisation, Department of Industry, Innovation and Science

Corporate Portraits of CEFC staff on behalf of Craig Sillitoe

Katerina Kimmorley

Innovation Fund, Senior Associate, Clean Energy Finance Corporation


Tim Heasley

Partner, Artesian Venture Partners


Dr Mark Bonnar

Managing Director, Southern Cross Venture Partners


Piers Grove

Executive Director, EnergyLab


Vicky Lay

Managing Director, Artesian Investments

Senior Representative

AGL New Energy


Dr Phil Blythe

CEO & Founder, GreenSync


Philip Livingston

Founder, Redback Technologies


Stephanie Moroz

Chief Executive Officer, Nano-Nouvelle Pty Ltd


Edward Hanna

General Manager, Microgrids & Embedded Networks, Energy Action


Lawrence Orsini

Founder, LO3 Energy


John O’Brien

Managing Director, Australian CleanTech & Sino CleanTech


Phil Cohn

Strategy Specialist | Strategy & Knowledge Sharing, Australian Renewable Energy Agency (ARENA)


Mike Swanston

Principal Consultant, The Customer Advocate


Ashley Brown

Program Director, KPMG Energise ENR Start-up Accelerator Advisory, Management Consulting, KPMG


Jaime Robles

Director of Business Development, Asia Pacific, Geli


Cameron Briggs

Head of Future Energy, Origin Energy


Michelle Taylor

Manager Technology Development, Ergon Energy


Dave Martin

Managing Director, Power Ledger


Gavin Dietz

Managing Director, Wattwatchers


Martin Poole

Company Secretary, Fulcrum 3D


Ben Waters

Co-Founder and Strategy Director, Presync (Australian Technologies Competition judge)


Giles Bourne

CEO, BluGlass (Australian Technologies Competition judge)


Adrian Merrick

Founder & CEO, Energy Locals


Dr Andrew Mears

CEO, SwitchDin


Richard Caldwell

Managing Director, Dyesol Limited


Stefan Jarnason

CEO and Founder, Solar Analytics

when & where

08 - 09 May 2017

Swissotel, Sydney
68 Market Street
Sydney, NSW 2000
02 9238 8888

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