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Fundamentals in Writing Scopes & KPIs

2-Day Training Course: THE Guide to Designing Best Practice Scopes & Key Performance Indicators. This intensive course takes you through the high-level issues and solutions down to the detailed ones, with practical application, so that quotations are accurate, differing interpretations are few, management can be efficient, and performance is driven to the right result.

Melbourne | 24-25 July 2017
Brisbane | 25-26 September 2017

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Key Learning Objectives

  • Appreciate why the scope is the most important part of the contract
  • Gain practical experience writing each part of a scope through worked examples – paying close attention to appropriate structure, clear responsibilities and the right language.
  • Learn how to write up KPIs that will work in practice
  • Explore the financial and non-financial means to drive KPIs
  • Identify how to critique any SOW and KPI, and fix it
  • Critique and improve one of your own scopes and KPIs throughout the course
  • Have your scope and KPIs reviewed for good practice and obtain feedback


About the Course

The scope is one of, if not, the most important documents to form and manage contracts. If it is vague, difficult to use, or overly complex (or overly simplistic), its value is severely compromised – for both parties to a contract.

This course takes you through the high-level issues and solutions down to the detailed ones. First, we examine a dispute to assess the role of the scope and KPIs in allowing two parties to form two completely different views.

We then dedicate a significant portion the course to writing a scope, and related KPIs, that are clear and dispute-proof. We pay close attention to ensuring appropriate structure, clear responsibilities, and the right language. The financial and non-financial means to drive good performance are explored in detail.

Throughout the two days, there are numerous examples of good and bad practice that we compare. By the end of the course, you’ll be able to pass or fail scopes and KPIs in seconds.

Note: You must bring in a scope and KPI that you have written, need to review, or need to manage. We exchange these in the class and analyse them so that you have a much-improved one for the future.

Who Will Benefit

An elective in our contract management CMP series, this practical course is designed to benefit professionals who are responsible for developing or reviewing scopes, SoWs, specifications, and SLAs along with the related performance measures.

Subject matter experts, such as Engineers and technical people, and category managers/specialists will particularly benefit from this program. It has also been popular with members of the legal fraternity who are expanding their contribution beyond the contract terms and conditions.

A CMP Course

This course forms part of the Contract Management Professional Program. Click here for more information.


I now have a greater understanding of KPI related work outcomes to do with project completion and personal work-based rating. There was great interaction with the group from the instructor and she was very experienced and had a great personality.”
Construction Manager, Ansaldo

Lots of relevant information, good structure, templates, ideas. Sara kept things interesting and what can be dry topics – good perspective on vendor/supplier relationships.”
Chief Financial Officer, Macquarie Telecom


Sara Cullen

Course Outline

Understanding the importance of the scope

  • Statistics from the field
  • The specification’s role in the contract
  • Understanding the lifecycle and bargaining power –shortcuts are playing with fire


  • You decide this dispute (about a scope and the KPIs)

Drafting the scope

  • The importance of words – why they matter, getting rid of ‘weasel words’ / ambiguity
  • Responsibility Matrix – know who is to do what
  • Glossary (reserved words / defined terms)
  • Scope writing – avoid misinterpretations and make it easy to use

Scope exercises

  • Warm up – a bit of practice
  • Banned words and a word hunt
  • Responsibility table – case work
  • Glossary definitions – case work
  • Detailed work specifications – case work

Performance specifications (KPIS)

  • Brief overview of the Contract Scorecard – a holistic view of performance
  • Performance measures – how you will measure success and failure
  • Recourse / reward schemes – what you will do about good / bad KPI performance

KPI exercises

  • Assess a KPI – case work
  • Prepare good KPIs – case work
  • KPI recourse / reward schemes you’ve seen
  • Prepare a KPI scheme that will work – case work

Apply what you’ve learnt – assess each other’s specifications


  • Apply what you’ve learnt – assess each other’s scope s and KPIs (note: bring one of yours in). Does it pass good practice?

Wrap up and evaluation

when & where

24 - 25 Jul 2017


25 - 26 Sep 2017


On-site & in-house training

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