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Demand Response Conference 2018

Meeting the challenges of Australia’s energy requirements

26-27 February | Swissotel, Sydney

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As detailed by the Finkel Review, the need for market reform and smarter ways to ensure security is clear. The joint initiative for demand response trials between ARENA and AEMO demonstrates the key role demand response will play in this reform.

Following our successful series of events in the energy sector, Informa is delighted to present the inaugural Demand Response conference. Bringing together key individuals and organisations at the forefront of demand response within Australia, key topics discussed at the event will include:

  • The critical role of demand response in a modern energy system
  • The AEMO and ARENA trials
  • Case studies of demand response in operation
  • Empowering informed consumers
  • Shifting consumer perception
  • Examining the differing systems of demand response
  • Regulatory aspects of demand response
  • The role of pricing and tariffs
  • Future innovation needed for effective demand response
  • The role of EVs
  • Technologies that will enable successful DR


9:00 am

Chair’s opening comments

Rob Murray-Leach, Head of Policy, Energy Efficiency Council

9:10 am

MINISTERIAL ADDRESS | The vital role of Demand Response

9:30 am

——The role of DR in a modern energy system
——Activities AEMO is undertaking in the DR space
——Initial outcomes from DR in reserve, including AEMO/ARENA trials

10:05 am

ARENA - What we learnt this summer

Mr Philip Cohn, Strategy Specialist, ARENA

10:40 am

Morning coffee

11:10 am

Jeff Renaud will share perspectives from EnerNOC’s seven years as
an independent DR aggregator in the NEM, including EnerNOC’s
experience providing DR services to networks, retailers, the ARENA/
AEMO trail, and the FCAS markets.

Jeff will discuss the work EnerNOC is doing to build faster, firmer DR
resources that will help NEM remain reliable and secure in the future
NEM with high penetrations of VRE generation and five minute

11:45 am

——The story of our technology – the kWatch Intelligent Controller
——The learnings from summer – what worked and what didn’t
——The next steps – how Flow Power is reconnecting customers to
market signals

12:20 pm

——What will demand response mean for 2018 and beyond
——What will industry need to do for future success
——Future energy stability in Australia

12:50 pm

Lunch and networking

1:50 pm

An advanced metering platform has created value for Horizon
Power, reducing network and retail costs and improving timeliness
and accuracy of billing. Horizon is now leveraging this platform to
inform and empower consumers that will assist the sustainable
transition high penetration Distributed Energy Resources.

The presentation will cover the information now being digitally
presented to customers on a daily and hourly basis and how that
information is being used to create a new level of engagement with
our customers.

2:25 pm

How Energy Queensland is delivering on demand response

Ana Smith de Perez, General Manager Intelligent Grid Solutions Asset Safety & Performance, Energy Queensland

3:00 pm

——Charging – what is a realistic mix?
——Soft charging: at home and at work – slow and manageable
——Hard charging: fast charging on the road – how to tame it
——Other charging – where and what impacts; how to control

3:35 pm

Afternoon tea

3:55 pm

——We need to optimise DR in each of six parts of the system and
market (Distribution, transmission, retail, wholesale, ancillary
service and behind the meter) before we can call it efficient
——What ‘optimal’ DR looks like in all of those parts of the system/
——What policy and regulatory changes we need to get to that point

4:25 pm

——Targeting network limitations with residential engagement
——Aligning land use planning and network planning to maximise DM
——Cross sector data sharing opportunities

5:00 pm

Chair’s closing comments

9:00 am

Chair’s opening comments

Rob Murray-Leach, Head of Policy, Energy Efficiency Council

9:10 am

EnergyAustralia’s role in demand response

Sal Tringali, Head of Network Solutions, EnergyAustralia

9:40 am

——Covering the Powershop experience with residential demand
——What has consumer uptake of demand response been?
——What changes has there been to customer bills and energy peaks

10:15 am

Using AI in Demand Response

10:50 am

Morning coffee

11:20 am

——Energy intelligence as an enabler
——Achieving mass diffusion of DR technologies
——Business models for adoption

11:55 am

——A customer lead energy transition is underway as DERs are being
deployed across the nation
——As a sector, we need to engage with and incentivize participation
to support the grid
——Decentralised markets are a key mechanism to facilitate this
customer participation whilst ensuring the security of the grid

12:30 pm

Circuit-level electricity data from behind the utility billing meter will
enable four key strategies for controlling electrical loads in the home:

1. The finger – every home has a number of them and fingers can
be motivated to turn things on and off via well targeted
communications informed by real-time energy data

2. Switching – purpose-installed devices to control over the air to
energise or de-energise loads like air-conditioning units and pool
pumps, or block solar export, timed with critical times for grid

3. Cloud tools – working with a growing range of off-the-shelf
remote control devices and cloud-based support services
(‘Siri, cool my home from my solar’)

4. Energy-specific solutions – more traditional energy sector devices
like Demand Response Enabling Devices (DREDs)

1:00 pm

Lunch and networking

2:00 pm

——The role of DR in an integrated energy management plan
—— How to identify opportunities to generate revenue from load
curtailment and onsite generation
——Case study – DR in action

2:35 pm

——Energy user view of the market
——Drivers for taking action beyond policy and regulations
——Real world examples of actions taken
——Future challenges and opportunities

3:05 pm

Afternoon refreshments

3:30 pm

Demand management/response is sometimes criticised for simply
replacing peaking gas with caseload coal generation and therefore
having a net negative environmental impact. But its more complex
than that. Let’s look at the whole landscape.

4:05 pm

Beyond DR: Innovative policy and regulation to unlock Demand Management potential

Chris Dunstan, Research Director, University of Technology, Sydney’s Institute for Sustainable Futures

4:35 pm

Chair’s closing comments

4:45 pm

Close of conference


Packages Price
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Rob Murray-Leach

Head of Policy, Energy Efficiency Council

Violette Mouchaileh

Group Manager Market Enhancement, AEMO

Mr Philip Cohn

Strategy Specialist, ARENA

Jeffrey Renaud

VP and MD Asia Pacific, EnerNoc

David Evans

Director of Projects and Engineering, Flow Power

Travis Hughes

Head of Market Development, New Energy, AGL

Geoff White

Project Director Retail Strategy, Horizon Power

Ana Smith de Perez

General Manager Intelligent Grid Solutions Asset Safety & Performance, Energy Queensland

Clive Attwater

Tasmania State Treasurer, The Australian Electric Vehicles Association

Craig Memery

Policy Team Leader Energy and Water, Public Interest Advocacy Centre (PIAC)

Scott McKenry

Executive Officer, Eastern Alliance for Greenhouse Action

Sal Tringali

Head of Network Solutions, EnergyAustralia

Michael Benveniste

Head of Commercial and Strategy, Powershop

Philip Livingston

Managing Director, Redback Technologies

Matthew Coleman

General Manager of Network Solutions, Greensync

Gavin Dietz

Managing Director, Wattwatchers

Megan Houghton

Executive General Manager Energy Solution, ERM Power

Andrew Richards

CEO, Energy Users Association of Australia

Mark Byrne

Energy Market Advocate, Total Environment Centre

Chris Dunstan

Research Director, University of Technology, Sydney’s Institute for Sustainable Futures

when & where

26 - 27 Feb 2018

Swissotel, Sydney
68 Market Street
Sydney, NSW 2000
02 9238 8888

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