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26-10-2017 (Sydney)
01-11-2017 (Brisbane City)
09-11-2017 (Perth)
21-11-2017 (Melbourne)

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Contract Management & Administration Fundamentals

2-Day Training Course: A Complete Guide to the Principles of Contract Management. A well devised combination of essential theory & best practices delivered by practical instruction examining contract delivery method selection, planning, reporting structures, claims & variations & other contract administration processes along with useful tools to streamline the role of managing contracts.

Perth | 20-21 Jun 17
Sydney | 26-27 Oct 17
Brisbane | 1-2 Nov 17
Perth | 9-10 Nov 17
Melbourne | 21-22 Nov 17

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Super Early bird rate $2395 (save $300 + GST). Please see pricing for more details.


Key Learning Objectives

  • Clarify the roles of the contract manager and contract administrator
  • Understand key aspects of contracts: as a contract manager how to read, interpret and evaluate them
  • Examine fundamental facets of contract administration and claims processes
  • Appreciate the contractual issues surrounding variations, delays and defects; and develop procedures to effectively deal with these issues
  • Ensure both contract administration and project management endeavours emphasise contract compliance throughout the delivery process
  • Analyse key principles of effective document control, reporting and communication systems
  • Discover cooperative negotiation and partnering skills for dispute avoidance and resolution

About the Course

This is the first course in our Contract Management Professional (CMP) certification program.

Contract administration is a broad term used to describe management of the parties’ responsibilities in delivering contracts. At the core of each responsibility is the contract.

This course briefly reviews the formation and interpretation of contracts as the rules of engagement between parties embarking on a project. It then looks and the processes of administration and management of the contract throughout the course of a project.

Furthermore, the course will provide the knowledge for developing practical procedures to deliver a streamlined contract administration process.

Participants will also review the crucial interface between the contract administrator’s role and responsibilities, and that of the project manager project management functions.

Finally as claims processes are fundamental concepts in contract administration, the course examines the most common claims, with an emphasis on claims for variations and delays. The approach to dealing with delivery defects is also addressed.

Teaching methods will include interpretation of examples provided.

Who Will Benefit

This practical introductory course is relevant for those involved with any aspect of the management or administration of contracts, including developing or evaluating contracts, and performing day-to-day contract administration, or interacting directly with those who do – in any industry sector.


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2 Day Training$2695$2595+GSTEarly BirdEarly Bird
  • Super Early bird rate $2395 (save $300 + GST). Please see below early bird cutoff dates for individual location, and enter respective promo codes to claim.
  • Special rate $2076 (per person) when you book for four or more participants, please call us today on 02 9080 4307 or email to take advantage of this offer.


Location, dates & pricing

Perth // 20-21 Jun 2017
Super Early Bird rate: $2,395 (Save $300 + GST). Use code P17GL04PE. Expires by 12 May 2017.
Early Bird rate: $2,595. Expires by 2 Jun 2017.
Standard rate: $2,695.

Sydney // 26-27 Oct 2017
Super Early Bird rate: $2,395 (Save $300 + GST). Use code P17GL04SY. Expires by 15 Sep 2017.
Early Bird rate: $2,595. Expires by 06 Oct 2017.
Standard rate: $2,695.

Brisbane // 1-2 Nov 2017
Super Early Bird rate: $2,395 (Save $300 + GST). Use code P17GL04BR. Expires by 22 Sep 2017.
Early Bird rate: $2,595. Expires by 12 Oct 2017.
Standard rate: $2,695.

Perth// 9-10 Nov 2017
Super Early Bird rate: $2,395 (Save $300 + GST). Use code P17GL04PE2. Expires by 29 Sep 2017.
Early Bird rate: $2,595. Expires by 20 Oct 2017.
Standard rate: $2,695.

Melbourne // 21-22 Nov 2017
Super Early Bird rate: $2,395 (Save $300 + GST). Use code P17GL04ME. Expires by 13 Oct 2017.
Early Bird rate: $2,595. Expires by 3 Nov 2017.
Standard rate: $2,695.

A CMP Course

This course forms part of the Contract Management Professional Program. Click here for more information.


I like Alana’s manner, it was very comforting and easy to understand the different examples. Alana is very knowledgeable and shared her knowledge and experience in a way that kept us interested, entertained, yet gave us the tools to take away from the course.
Contracts Administrator, Chevron

Very enjoyable course. Was interesting and useful throughout. Time went quickly and learnt a lot. Liked the approach encouraging a lot of discussion and real examples from the group as well as real examples from Sean’s own workplace.
Contract Analyst, SA Water


Alana Dowley

Sean McCarthy

Course Outline


  • Contract management principles
  • Pre-award, award and post-award considerations of contract management from both buyers’ and sellers’ perspectives
  • Detailing the role of the contract manager
  • Understanding where contract management fits with the broader organisational goals
  • Strategic considerations behind contract management


  • Understanding quoting and tendering to ensure proper process is maintained
  • Pre-contractual negotiations – How to use them to ensure your desired risk transfer is achieved
  • Contract formation – Various approaches and what to be careful of
  • Documentation – Understanding the purpose and importance of various documents that make up a typical set of contract documents
  • Contractual interpretation – How to use it to inform sensible contract management decisions


  • Developing the overall management plan for the contract
  • Aligning contract planning with established organisational systems
  • Evaluating risks
  • Using contracts as effective risk management tools and developing strategies for mitigating risk that arise from contracts
  • Making the contract effective in practice


  • Overview of the claims process
  • Key points in formulating claims
  • Key considerations in valuing claims
  • The contract administrator’s relationships and responsibilities, and those of the project manager
  • The administrators role and limits of authority
  • Examining other roles in the contract management network and their associated limits of authority/decision making power (contracts manager, superintendent, project manager, project director, development manager, functional manager etc.)
  • The interpersonal communication to make contracts happen
  • Ethics in contract management – Are contractual obligations and ethics the same thing?


  • The interface between contract administration and project management
  • The importance of effective systems for the administration of contracts
  • Establishing timelines, lookups and prompts
  • Contract compliance: monitoring, reporting and adherence to standards
  • Document control and milestone planning
  • Developing communication systems within the contract delivery hierarchy


  • Understanding how effective contract specific communication can
  • facilitate optimum contract delivery and administration outcomes
  • Pre award conferences, the benefits and disadvantages
  • Pre contract conferences – Their value and how to run them effectively
  • Delegating effectively
  • Dispute avoidance and resolution-contractual principles and practical procedures


  • Payment claims – The legal principles and the practical procedures
  • Variations – Legal principles and practical procedures
  • Delays, extensions of time, delay costs and damages – Legal principles and practical aspects of their management
  • Defects – The contractual remedies and the practical procedures for ensuring they are realised


Examination, dissection and discussion of case studies

  • Throughout the course, participants will interact and work with examples and case studies to identify various points of contract law, contract interpretation and practical contract administration. This is aimed at assisting learning

when & where

20 - 21 Jun 2017


26 - 27 Oct 2017


01 - 02 Nov 2017


09 - 10 Nov 2017


21 - 22 Nov 2017


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