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National Policing Summit 2019

Defining future strategy for Law Enforcement across Australia

27-28 August 2019 | Rendezvous Hotel, Melbourne

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The National Policing Summit provides a comprehensive overview of current best practice in law enforcement.

With insights from Federal and State commissioners, government departments, law enforcement agencies, and strategic analysts, the two-day summit serves as an important platform for delegates to address speakers on issues ranging from policy reform to service delivery.

Join us on 27-28 August 2019 as we discuss the future roadmap for Australian policing; in an era defined by increasingly sophisticated national security threats and rapid technological change.



8:50 am

Opening Remarks from Conference Chair

Dr Dave McDonald, Lecturer in Criminology, University of Melbourne


9:00 am

  • “To Serve and Protect” is it getting harder or easier to keep this basic promise?
  • Tackling emerging crimes & addressing the legislative gaps
  • Coping with new forms of communication in the public domain

9:30 am

  • Promote the values of change & development over process & control
  • Appreciate the value of integration to create opportunities & restrict limitations
  • Fostering a culture that enshrines the effective preservation of policing’s greatest asset – it’s people

10:00 am

  • A look at key occurrences in Australian policing for the last 30 years
  • How many will survive into the next generation?
  • What are the future trends?

10:30 am

Crime Stoppers: An Important Partner to Contemporary Law Enforcement

Stella Smith, Chief Executive Officer, Crime Stoppers Victoria

11:00 am

Networking and Refreshment Break


11:30 am

  • Changing expectations from the community & governments
  • Brand & voice: engagement objectives
  • Immersion & interactivity – opportunities & risks

12:00 pm

CONNECT Partner - Transforming Partnerships

Anthony Hall, General Manager ANZ, Northgate Public Services

12:30 pm

  • Understanding the challenge behind Australia’s digital development
  • Educating cyber professionals
  • What this means for policing & prevention of cyber-crime

1:00 pm

  • Importance of driving public-private partnership to reduce crime
  • Future strategy of data-sharing and collaboration between Financial Institutions & Law Enforcement utilising AFCX
  • Cyber-crime case studies showcasing how ongoing collaboration between public-private sector creates outcomes

1:30 pm

Networking and Lunch


2:30 pm

  • Proactive forensic science: reconnecting with law enforcement beyond the stand
  • Forensic teams as privileged observers of criminal activity & phenomena that harm society
  • Advancing law enforcement with forensic technology & intelligence

3:00 pm

The Effect & Influence of Technology on Forensic Operations

Jim Pearson, Acting Chief Forensic Scientist, Victoria Police

3:30 pm

  • Identification of new substances and those causing the most harm
  • Information exchange protocols
  • Releasing results to users and the community

4:00 pm

Networking and Refreshment Break


4:30 pm

  • How does national coordination improve the safety of children?
  • National coordination of capability
  • National capability and standards

5:00 pm

  • Collaboration between children’s commissions & police
  • The value of systemic investigations
  • Technology solutions to respond early and keep children & young people safe from harm

5:30 pm

  • Intent of legislation & role of DFAT, ACIC, AFP & ABF in managing child sex offenders travelling internationally
  • Passport management: processes, challenges & alternatives to cancellations
  • Technology changes to support legislation at ACIC/DFAT
  • Effect of the change on state & territory police
  • Project success and statistics

6:00 pm

Chairs Closing Remarks and End of Day 1

Dr Dave McDonald, Lecturer in Criminology, University of Melbourne

6:10 pm

Networking Drinks

8:50 am

Opening Remarks from Conference Chair

Professor Andrew Goldsmith, Strategic Profesor of Criminology, Flinders University


9:00 am

  • What are the outcomes we would ideally like to achieve under our illicit drugs policy – what do you believe should be its prime purpose?
  • How many of these outcomes are we currently achieving?
  • What are the ways by which positive outcomes could be improved?
  • Knowing what we now know, if we had the chance to develop a completely new illicit drugs policy, what would it look like? What would be the role of police?

10:00 am

  • After the 2018/2019 season, how can we improve public safety at future events?
  • Strengths & limitations of approaches to policing drug use at festivals: what should be the best practice policing approaches?
  • The role of pill testing: who benefits? And are there any downsides?
  • What would be the wider future social impacts of improving public safety at festivals?
  • Enforcement vs. promoting safety: can there be a best practice approach in 2019 & 2020?

10:30 am

11:00 am

Networking and Refreshment Break


11:30 am

  • Promote higher levels of open-mindedness & accountability
  • Harness your organisation’s reputation as an employer of choice
  • Discover strategies to think forward & anticipate new realities
  • Learn to shift mindsets (including your own) in order to move beyond the status quo

12:10 pm

  • Exploring the working styles of each generation & what this means for the future of work
  • The critical role leadership plays in connecting the generations
  • Opportunities both internal & external to be gained through connection
  • Key takeaway messages

12:40 pm

  • Overview Beyond Blue & Police & Emergency Services Program
  • Understanding mental health & the importance of a mentally healthy workplace
  • Key findings & recommendations of Answering the call
  • Where to from here – knowledge to action

1:10 pm

Networking and Lunch


2:10 pm

  • What has the recent Christchurch incident meant for all parties involved?
  • Lessons that can be learned from this event
  • What this means for policing

2:40 pm

  • Helping the transition from response, to disruption & prevention of criminal activity
  • The effects and benefits of a prepared & coordinated response
  • ABF officer deployment: lessons learnt from Christchurch

3:10 pm

  • How the latest reform programme is taking shape
  • Results we are seeing between the Military Police & other agencies
  • Our increased capability to support civilian law enforcement operations

3:40 pm

Closing remarks from the Chair

3:50 pm

End of Conference


Packages Price
Package(Two Days)$1595+GSTEarly Bird
Packages Price
Package(Two Days)$2695+GSTEarly Bird

Early Bird Rate expires 30 June 2019


Dr Dave McDonald

Lecturer in Criminology, University of Melbourne

Leanne Close

Deputy Commissioner, National Security Executive, Australian Federal Police

Shane Mallory

Leadership, Culture & Creativity Speaker

Professor Rick Sarre

Dean - School of Law, University of South Australia

Stella Smith

Chief Executive Officer, Crime Stoppers Victoria

Tony Alderman

Manager Government and Media Executive, AFP

Anthony Hall

General Manager ANZ, Northgate Public Services

Michelle Price

CEO, Cyber Security Growth Centre

Chris Sheehan

General Manager, Fraud & Investigation Services, National Australia Bank

Hunter Robertson

Manager Digital Cyber Crime Detection, NAB

Professor Claude Roux

Director, Centre for Forensic Science, UTS & President, IAFS

Jim Pearson

Acting Chief Forensic Scientist, Victoria Police

Andrew Camilleri

Assistant Director Science & Support, Forensic Science SA

Det Superintendent Daniel Evans

Head of Australian Centre for Child Exploitation, AFP

Cheryl Vardon

Chief Executive & Principal Commissioner, Queensland Family & Child Commission

Rebecca Reid

Frontline Program Delivery Manager, ACIC

Clint Mullins

Assistant Director, Reportable Offenders Unit, Department of Foreign Affairs & Trade

Professor Andrew Goldsmith

Strategic Profesor of Criminology, Flinders University

Dr Alex Wodak

President, Australian Drug Law Reform Foundation

John Coyne

Head of Border Security Program, Australian Strategic Policy Institute

Dr Caitlin Hughes

Senior Research Fellow, National Drug & Alcohol Research Centre, UNSW

Alessandro Giuliani

Head of Law Enforcement Segment – Marketing, Leonardo Helicopters

Michelle Ray

Author, Leadership Expert & Accountability Catalyst | Founder, Lead Yourself First Enterprises

Kel McAuliffe

Kel McAuliffe Connections

James Maskey

National Engagement Manager, Police & Emergency Services Program, Beyond Blue

Jacinta Carroll

Senior Research Fellow in Counter-Terrorism and Social Cohesion - National Security College, Australia National University

Kylie Rendina

Assistant Commissioner, Australian Border Force

Lieutenant Colonel Damian Eaton

Royal Australian Corps of Military Police

when & where

27 - 28 Aug 2019

Rendezvous Hotel, Melbourne
328 Flinders Street Melbourne, VIC 3000
03 9250 1888

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