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4th Annual Large Scale Solar & Storage Conference

Investing in a sustainable solar future.

27-28 June 2018 | Radisson Blu Plaza Sydney

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Organised in partnership with Reneweconomy


Informa Australia, in partnership with Reneweconomy, is delighted to present the 4th Large Scale Solar + Storage Conference.

Join us on 27-28 June 2018 at the Radisson Blu Plaza Hotel in Sydney for a timely examination of Australia’s rapidly changing large-scale solar and storage industry.

Just ten years ago, large-scale solar PV generation in Australia was at zero. Today, Australia’s total installed large-scale solar capacity sits at around 450MW and is expected to rise to 11,000MW over the next several years. Just last year, 16 large-scale renewable energy projects totaling around 700MW of new generation capacity were completed, four of which were large-scale solar projects.

Hear from key industry stakeholders, including ARENA, the Clean Energy Regulator, Genex Power and many more, as we explore the changes, challenges, and opportunities currently facing the industry. The comprehensive two-day agenda will include practical cases studies, technologies, finance, regulations, maintenance and international perspectives.





9:00 am

OPENING | Opening remarks from the Chair

Paul Curnow, Partner, Baker McKenzie

9:10 am

KEYNOTE | The future of large scale solar in Australia

Ian Kay, Chief Financial Officer, ARENA

9:50 am

Market outlook for large scale solar and storage in Australia

Leonard Quong, Senior Associate, Bloomberg New Energy Finance

10:30 am

Networking and refreshment break

10:50 am

Large-scale solar is finding an ever broadening market. The Clean Energy Regulator is increasingly getting solar accreditation applications that include hybrid expansion, plant integration, transmission connection, energy storage or novel technology.

Project developers could benefit by factoring in financial elements of the Large-scale Renewable Energy Target at an early stage when devising an operating model for their solar project. Factors that should be considered include, identifying how eligible electricity generation is measured, recorded, apportioned and reported, the application of marginal loss factors to generation and to load, and whether the power station may be liable to surrender certificates under the scheme. This seminar aims to present information and provide guidance on these often misunderstood aspects of the RET scheme.

11:30 am

Integrated System Plan (ISP)

Andrew Kingsmill, Manager/Network Planning, TransGrid

12:10 pm

—— Low cost energy storage required to compliment the continued growth of renewables
—— Pumped storage hydro: low cost, large scale energy storage
—— Kidston renewable energy hub is the first global example of the integration of large scale solar and pumped storage hydro

12:50 pm

Lunch and networking break

1:50 pm

Foresight Group’s Australian solar investment programme

Gary Sofarelli, Head of Australia, Foresight Group

2:30 pm

ITP working with ISF and ITK has completed a study of options for dispatchable renewable electricity that are commercially available at large scale. Wind and /or PV driven; batteries, pumped hydro and hydrogen production were compared with the inherently dispatchable technologies; bionenergy, concentrating solar thermal and geothermal. Overall there are multiple affordable options for energy deliver over all timescales.

3:10 pm

Sizing solar+storage projects starts with knowing what problem you are trying to solve. In this talk, Fluence’s Taylor Sloane will walk through the key considerations and inputs needed to right-size utility-scale solar+storage projects and what pitfalls to avoid in this kind of analysis.

3:50 pm

CWP Renewables is currently hybridising its 270 MW Sapphire Wind Farm with 200 MW of solar PV and a large battery. CWP is also developing the 6,000 MW Asian Renewable Energy Hub in the Pilbara, which will export electricity to Jakarta and Singapore via subsea cables.

4:50 pm

Networking and refreshment break

  • Which will win, which is better – Wind or Solar?
  • Optimising renewable energy generation mix to ensure reliable, cost effective future networks

5:30 pm

The Hydrogen utility™ (H2U) is a specialist developer of hydrogen-energy infrastructure initiatives for sustainable mobility and renewable energy storage.

H2U is developing a utility-scale renewable energy storage plant integrating a large-scale electrolysis and a small-scale ammonia production facility in the Eyre Peninsula near Port Lincoln.

The project will demonstrate new market opportunities for large-scale renewables beyond the electricity market. The proposed 30 MW electrolysis plant will connect to existing wind farms and new-build solar farms in the Eyre Peninsula as part of an innovative virtual power plant scheme,

The project supported under the Renewable Technology Fund of the South Australian Government is planned for commissioning in early 2020.

6:10 pm

CLOSING | Closing remarks from the Chair & Networking drinks

9:00 am

OPENING | Opening remarks from the Chair

Simon Currie, Global Head of Energy, Norton Rose Fulbright

9:10 am

Gannawarra Energy Storage System

Andrew Stiel, Head of Energy Markets and Offtake, Edify Energy

9:50 am

Rodds Bay Solar Farm project

Toby Roxburgh, Director, Renew Estate

10:30 am

Networking and refreshment break

10:50 am

Technology and finance advances are combining to accelerate the adoption of solar + storage globally. With current examples from the world’s largest electricity markets, Tim will examine the rise and rise of renewable energy as it increasingly transforms and disrupts the electricity sector. Incumbent utilities and power generators are either transforming themselves, or being left behind. India is a perfect case study of long term policy clarity driving economies of scale and accelerated deployments, and the evident deflationary gain for consumers is reinforcing government commitment to keep evolving the policy framework. Australia can take confidence from the international experiences, and should look to the opportunities this is creating.

11:30 am

  • What are our views on the competing forces of least cost and emission reductions?
  • What are the implications for large energy users?
  • With the market for corporate PPA growing rapidly, what are the trends we’re observing?

12:10 pm

—— Fringe-of-grid strengthening and the challenges of a remote location
—— Beginning of the Battery Test Plan and next steps
—— Project performance – budget vs. reality
—— Operation and maintenance overview

12:50 pm

Lunch and networking break

1:50 pm

Horizon Power deployed Western Australia’s first multi-function utility grade battery in Carnarvon last year. This year it will further develop its capability in this emerging technology as it delivers a strategic pipeline of other exciting battery projects. Mastering the deployment and integration of battery technology is seen by Horizon Power as key for optimised future state microgrid operations.

2:20 pm

Meralli Projects uses the Belectric PEG system to construct commercial solar operations both direct into the grid and behind the pole. This presentation will address the construction, social engagement, workplace health and safety, and financial benefits associated with this new construction process.

3:00 pm

Networking and refreshment break

3:20 pm

Construction of the Mildura solar farm

José Luis Herrero, Project Finance Manager, BayWa r.e.

4:00 pm

Warwick solar farm - Changing development landscape

Chris Wilson, Director, Terrain Solar

Danielle Shaffer, Energy & Sustainability Project Officer, University of Queensland

4:40 pm

CLOSING | Closing remarks from the Chair and end of conference


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ARENA’s perspective on the future of large scale solar
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Wind versus solar – the obsolete debate
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How Horizon Power are developing their microgrid capability
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Managing renewable energy intermittency: Case study of Genex’s Kidston Renewable Energy Hub
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Paul Curnow

Partner, Baker McKenzie

Ian Kay

Chief Financial Officer, ARENA

Leonard Quong

Senior Associate, Bloomberg New Energy Finance

John Smeltink

Assistant Manager, Large Scale Renewables, Clean Energy Regulator

Andrew Kingsmill

Manager/Network Planning, TransGrid

Simon Kidston

Executive Director, Genex Power

Gary Sofarelli

Head of Australia, Foresight Group

Dr Keith Lovegrove

Managing Director, ITP Thermal Pty Ltd and a Director of Austela (The Australian Solar Thermal Energy Association)

Taylor Sloane

Market Applications Associate, Fluence

Andrew Dickson

Business Development Manager, CWP Renewables

Roger Price

CEO, Windlab

Dr Attilio Pigneri

Chief Executive, Hydrogen Utility (H2U)

Simon Currie

Global Head of Energy, Norton Rose Fulbright

Andrew Stiel

Head of Energy Markets and Offtake, Edify Energy

Toby Roxburgh

Director, Renew Estate

Tim Buckley

Director of Energy Finance Studies, Australasia, Institute for Energy Economics and Financial Analysis

Derek Chapman

Senior Commercial and Marketing Manager, Adani Australia Renewables

Ian Kirkham

General Manager EPC & Solar Hybrid, Conergy

Brett Hovingh

Manager Capacity Management Support, Horizon Power

Methuen Morgan

Director, Meralli Projects

José Luis Herrero

Project Finance Manager, BayWa r.e.

Chris Wilson

Director, Terrain Solar

Danielle Shaffer

Energy & Sustainability Project Officer, University of Queensland

when & where

27 - 28 Jun 2018

Radisson Blu Plaza Sydney
27 O’Connell St, Sydney NSW 2000
02 8214 0000

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