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Australian Gas Turbines Conference

Gas Turbines Conference is designed to be a platform for discussion on the latest technologies & developments in gas power generation

28-29 November 2018 | Novotel Perth Langley

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GTUF Welcome Reception: 5-6.00pm, 27 November 2018


The 19th Annual Australian Gas Turbines Conference will be held on 28-29 November 2018 in Perth, Western Australia.

As the best-known meeting place for Australia’s gas turbine industry, the annual Conference attracts some of the country’s top operators, industry experts, and technology providers and examines current best practice in maintaining and operating gas turbines.

Don’t miss this great opportunity to exchange best practice ideas, learn from important case studies, and network with your peers at two receptions and an official conference dinner.

Key topics to include:

  • Reducing turbine life cycle maintenance costs for GE Frame End Users
  • Benefits & Best Practices for Gas Turbine and Centrifugal Compressor Cleaning
  • Managing a Successful Insurance Recovery
  • What you need to know about the new filter classification ISO 16890
  • New approach to Turbine Combustor Flame Sensors
  • Examining repairs for enhancing component life
  • Gas turbine maintenance strategy

Supported by the Gas Turbine Users Forum (GTUF), all delegates, sponsors, and exhibitors are invited to join the GTUF Members Welcome Reception to be held on 27 November in the Exhibition Hall.




8:30 am

Registration and Morning Coffee

9:00 am

OPENING | Opening remarks from the Chair

Dr. Maxine Watson, Partner, MorrisWatson

9:10 am

Speed networking - Get to know your peers right from the start with this informal speed networking session.

9:20 am

  • 479MW combined cycle power station, generating since 2000
  • Inspection planning and major inspection findings

10:10 am

Implementing type B appliance regulation – changes and implications for the gas turbines community

Frank Larobina, Technical Compliance Specialist Projects, Siemens

10:50 am

Refreshment break

11:20 am

This case study aims at highlighting how a design error can creep in during construction phase of a power plant and subsequently affect gas turbine operation. The case study discusses elemental sulphur contamination in fuel gas and how not understanding the problem can prolong the time it takes to find a remedial solution, which apparently is quite simple. The case study is well documented with photographs, process data, test reports and costing information.

12:00 pm

BHGE’s development roadmap about optimization of Oil & Gas plants against torsional vibration phenomena

  • Key features of the TVCS product, including Advanced Torsional Monitoring, Real Time Insights, Industrial Internet Connectivity and Torsional Active Damping.
  • Successful stories about TVCS field experiences
  • Open discussion with Australian Customers about their field experiences on torsional vibration phenomena

Final aim of this presentation is to enable a common understanding and mitigation action possibilities about torsional vibration phenomena among Australian Gas Turbine Users.

12:40 pm


1:50 pm

CASE STUDY | Managing uncertainty factors associated with gas turbine machine train shaft alignment

Bryan Rodgers, Service Engineer, Aquip

2:30 pm

CASE STUDY | Process Compressor Washing

Martin Howarth, Managing Director, Rochem Technical Services Europe

3:20 pm

Refreshment break

3:50 pm

Discuss and review the overall performance of the TTH2O+ water tight (H)EPA filter. Reduce/eliminate water washes completely due to the filters ability to lock moisture out, we will discuss the benefits and savings to plant and equipment using (H)EPA E12 water tight filter media.

  • TTH2O+ Filter Overview
  • Sustainable DP, filter life extension
  • 0% axial compressor losses
  • Online/Offline water washes reduced/eliminated completely
  • Data comprised from local and global applications with a highlight being the performance through Hurricane Harvey

4:20 pm

Performance advantages from upgrading gas turbine air intake systems to Gore E12 filters

Craig Nelson, Associate, WL Gore & Associates (Australia) Pty Ltd

4:40 pm

Following failure and in-situ replacement of Bearing 1 on an 8 MW industrial gas turbine, excessive vibration was observed on Bearing 2 a few months later. This case study describes the vibration symptoms and diagnosis, including a discussion of the circumstances where a machine with tiltpad bearings can experience fluid instability. A bistable vibration phenomenon observed at cranking speed was also observed, and a possible hypothesis is explored. The means to alleviate symptoms and hence maintain production are also discussed.

5:10 pm

Q&A Session

CLOSING | Closing remarks from the Chair

5:30 pm

Networking drinks in the exhibition space

7:00 pm

Official Conference Dinner

7:00 am

Visit to NewGen Kwinana Power Station – Optional (7.00am-10.30am)


9:00 am

  • Life expectation – how long should parts and rotors last?
  • Main factors which decrease parts life
  • Upgrades to extend parts and rotor life

10:30 am

Refreshment break

11:00 am

OPENING | Opening remarks from the Chair

Dr Maxine Watson, Partner, MorrisWatson

11:10 am

The Newman 35MW/11.4MWh Battery Energy Storage System Project

Dr Gary Bryant, General Manager Asset Strategy, Alinta Energy

11:50 am

  • Electromagnetic Slot Bar Forces
  • Thermal Slot Effects
  • Slot Wedge Design Requirements
  • Slot Wedge Materials
  • Conventional Slot Wedging System
  • Slot Wedging System With Parallel Slider
  • Slot Wedging System for Restricted Radial Spacing
  • Summary of Design and Manufacturing Requirements
  • Slot Wedging System Without Ripple Springs
  • Engineering Support from GMECS

12:20 pm

Technical showcase presentation

Matthijs Koreman, Gas Turbine Sales & Marketing Manager, PM Control Australia

12:40 pm


1:50 pm

CASE STUDY | Contracting for Gas Turbine Maintenance

Tim Smith, General Manager - Asia Pacific, TransCanada Turbines

2:40 pm

Combining metallurgical analysis with performance analysis is a powerful tool for engine health monitoring and can aid in determining the root cause of component failure. A case study is presented for an industrial gas turbine engine operating at BP Watson Cogeneration Company in Carson, California where accelerated material aging and coating depletion were found in the first-stage turbine buckets after an engine up-rate to an increased firing temperature. After the material degradation was discovered, the engine was intended to be derated back to its original firing temperature, however, the performance analysis found the engine was still operating in a higher firing condition which would have continued to cause accelerated damage to the turbine buckets if not detected.  Through combined analysis efforts, the error was found and corrected before the units failed from overheating.

3:30 pm

Q&A Session

3:40 pm

CLOSING | Closing remarks from the Chair and afternoon refreshments


Packages Price
Package(Two Days)$2995+GSTEarly Bird
Extras Price
Gala Dinner $150+GST
Packages Price
Package(Two Days)$1995+GSTEarly Bird
Extras Price
Gala Dinner $150+GST

Supporting Partner

GTUF Members Welcome Reception

The event is supported by GTUF – the Gas Turbine Users Forum. All conference attendees, sponsors and exhibitors are invited to join the GTUF Members Welcome Reception to be hosted on the 27th November 2018 in the exhibition hall.

Site Tour

NEW FOR 2018
Visit to NewGen Kwinana Power Station on November 29th 2018

This year’s program offers you the option to attend the site visit to the Kwinana Power Station in the morning of day 2 of the conference.
The Kwinana power station is one of the most advanced and efficient intermediate load power station in Western Australia.
As a member of the Western Australian community, the Kwinana power station contributes to a reduction in greenhouse emissions and has best practice water efficiency.

Provisional program for the visit:
– 7.00 Bus leaves the hotel
– 8.00 Arrival at the site
– 8.10 Presentation
– 8.30 Visit
– 9.15 Departure from site
– 10.30 Morning tea in the exhibition hall
– 11.00 Conference resume


Ashwin Shinde

Mechanical Maintenance Engineer, Origin

Dr Gary Bryant

General Manager Asset Strategy, Alinta Energy

Frank Larobina

Technical Compliance Specialist Projects, Siemens

Peter G. Brighton

Australasian Manager GTS, Donaldson Australasia Pty Ltd

Chris White

Technical Authority, Rotating Equipment Reliability, Wood Group

Martin Howarth

Managing Director, Rochem Technical Services Europe

Bryan Rodgers

Service Engineer, Aquip

Philip von Einem

SA Engineering Controller, Engie

Matthijs Koreman

Gas Turbine Sales & Marketing Manager, PM Control Australia

Tony O’Brien

Managing Director, Australian Winders

Tim Smith

General Manager - Asia Pacific, TransCanada Turbines

Doug Nagy

Manager, IGT Components Repair, Liburdi Turbine Services, Inc. Ontario Canada

Matt Smillie

Consultant Engineer, Quest Integrity Group

Adolfo Agresta

Dedicated Diagnostic Engineer – Engineering, Global Service , Baker Hughes, a GE company

Craig Nelson

Associate, WL Gore & Associates (Australia) Pty Ltd

when & where

28 - 29 Nov 2018

Novotel Perth Langley
221 Adelaide Terrace
Perth WA 6000
+61 (08) 9221 1200

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Still have a question?

Diana Lauzi
Conference Manager
+61 2 9080 4313

Megan Rogulski
Sponsorship Manager
+61 2 9080 4030

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