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AgTech Summit

Exploring the capability and capacity to be leaders by 2030

26-27 February 2019 | Rydges World Square Sydney

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Following the success of the inaugural AgTech Summit 2018, we’re delighted to be working closely with the sector to bring to life a thriving event in it’s second year.

The event will bring together all key stakeholder groups in agriculture from established players in the industry to game changing start-ups that have global potential, from traditional agriculture businesses to fully automated farms. This national forum will facilitate a much-needed conversation around the direction of agriculture technologies and the industry at large both domestically and internationally.

With groundbreaking developments arising rapidly in vertical farming, robotics, artificial intelligence, machine learning etc, players in agriculture are now being challenged more so than ever before to transform alongside an evolutionary and dynamic industry.

Together with a high caliber of speakers and supporting partners Cicada and SproutX, the 2nd annual AgTech Summit will explore how technology is revolutionising a traditional Australian industry, and provide insight on how Australia will maintain its competitiveness on a global scale.

A snapshot of the topics to be covered include:

  • Vertical and precision farming
  • Robotics and IoT technology
  • CRISPR and biotechnology
  • Supply chain automation and yield management optimization
  • Critical infrastructure
  • Artificial intelligence and machine learning applications in agriculture



9:00 am

OPENING | Opening remarks from the chair

George Peppou, GrowLab Program Manager, Cicada Innovations


9:10 am

  •  Insights from MLA’s program of making real farms smart (digitally enabled) – a five-site case study
  •  What connectivity, IoT, dashboards, and autonomous solutions are ready for deployment today
  •  What are the indicative budget and ongoing costs for solutions
  •  What is the value proposition(s) being achieved by producers who are engaging with current digital solutions
  •  What might be possible in the future (a vision from Meat and Livestock Australia)

10:20 am

Networking and refreshment break


10:50 am

  •  Tools at your disposal: satellite imagery, weather stations, yield maps and machine learning software
  •  Value of the data explained
  •  How to engage with the precision agriculture tools to improve the bottom line

11:20 am

  •  How IoT is being utilised on farms
  •  Where can we expect to take IoT

11:50 am

INSIGHTS | Robotics in Agriculture

Professor Salah Sukkarieh, Australian Centre for Field Robotics, The University of Sydney

12:20 pm

Lunch and networking break

1:20 pm

  •  Making sense of the data – beyond record keeping and reporting
  •  Technology in grazing management
  •  Data and the drought – real examples of the impact of Agtech delivering returns for graziers
  •  There are platforms and there are platforms. What is a platform really?
  •  A platform is for creating 3rd party livestock apps
  •  The untapped potential for grazing, and how technology can unlock it


1:50 pm

The very heart of everything we do at The Yield is using technology to solve real world problems for growers. This is the only way our technology, and any new agtech developments, can be sustainable and successful. Growers are busy people with a unique combination of pressures, so any new technology needs to be fast, easy, and user friendly. Most of all, it needs to benefit growers.

The rise of agtech and the move toward digital technology is starting to see regualators, researchers, industry and entrepreneurs work together toward developing those real world solutions, but more work needs to be done to collaborate more effectively.

How do we bridge the gap between research and commercialisation? How do we create better partnerships within the industry? And how do we ensure agtech delivers real value to growers.

2:10 pm

Networking & refreshment break

2:40 pm

  •  What is challenge lead innovation
  •  Strengths and shortfalls of challenge lead innovation in agriculture
  •  Case Study 1 – Australian corporate agribusiness example (will need to get clearance from specific client we have in mind)
  •  Case Study 2 – Mekong MATCh: challenge lead innovation solving challenges in developing countries in the Mekong region for social and environmental impact

3:50 pm

CLOSING | Closing remarks from the chair

4:00 pm

Networking drinks

9:00 am

OPENING | Opening Remarks from the Chair || Stream: STREAM A | Going to Market

George Peppou, GrowLab Program Manager, Cicada Innovations

OPENING | Opening remarks from the chair || Stream: STREAM B | Technology Developments

Julia Waite, Community & Operations Manager, SproutX

9:10 am

The Evolving Medicinal Cannabis Industry || Stream: STREAM A | Going to Market

9:40 am

Why Australia, why AgTech and why now? – An international perspective on funding AgTech || Stream: STREAM A | Going to Market

Michael Dean, Co-Founder & CIO, AgFunder

Creating Supply Chain AgTech Products that Solve Real Problems – Insights from an AgTech Product Manager || Stream: STREAM B | Technology Developments

Tristan Shannon, Head of Product, AgriDigital

10:10 am

How Innovation Is Assisting in Meeting Global Demand || Stream: STREAM A | Going to Market

Arianna Sippel, Adviser, Agribusiness and Food, Investment Division, Austrade

10:40 am

Networking and refreshment break

11:10 am

PANEL | Fostering Collaboration Between Start-ups & Industry || Stream: STREAM A | Going to Market

Spencer Maughan, Visiting Fellow - Innovation and Entrepreneurship Program, United States Studies Centre & Partner, Finistere Ventures

J Matthew Pryor, Co-Founder, Tenacious Ventures; Chair, Australian Agriculture 4.0 Task Force

Consumer interest in alternative proteins has grown considerably in recent years, and with it the number of new manufacturers, producers and investors driving these options, including plant-based and cell-based products. But what does this really mean for Australian food businesses and producers, and importantly, what are the opportunities? This session will provide an overview of what these alternatives are, who is leading the space and what the future might hold for Australia.

11:50 am

Solving Challenges Within the Live Export Industry Under Pressure || Stream: STREAM A | Going to Market

Sam Brown, CEO, LiveCorp

  •  Research on the development of new products from plants
  •  Molecular basis of the quality of food and feedstocks from plants
  •  Genomics to capture novel traits for diversification of food and energy crops
  •  Analysis of domesticated crops and their wild relatives to discover useful variants

12:20 pm

  •  Learn how and when different forms of urban argriculture make sense (from low-tech to hightech)
  •  Understand the drivers that make vertical farming successful
  •  Contextualize UA typologies through case studies
  •  Learn how to plan your own urban farm successfully through agritecture’s planning methodology
  •  Discover how a Queensland-native oilseed tree, once relegated for use only for biofuel, is now ready to be used in livestock feed applications as a replacement for soybean
  •  Receive the latest data from US field trials of different pongamia cultivars planted across hundreds of acres for over 6 years
  •  Discuss how pongamia can be deployed in Australia for food and energy needs

12:50 pm

Lunch and networking break

1:50 pm

  • Why Australia is ideally positioned to lead AgTech innovation, investment and producer benefit
  • What AgTech can be applied to the immediate benefit of Australia’s Farmers
  • How two companies are delivering Australia’s innovation to the world
  • Digiscape project teams are already building decision tools across a range of land-based sectors and industry issues
  • These decision tools combine sensor – and ICTbased monitoring systems with the complementary power of predictive analytics
  •  Senaps-LAND is a platform of information, software, concepts and practices that we are developing to lower the cost of building and sustaining decision tools in agriculture and the wider land sector
  •  CSIRO’s intention is that Senaps-LAND will lower everybody’s cost of access to land sector information and to modelling tools. I will present an opportunity for participants to learn more about the platform and what it can offer to their own businesses

2:20 pm

Networking and refreshment break

2:50 pm

7 start-ups will speed-pitch a product/service offering to a panel of investors.

Start-ups presenting include:

  • BioScout
  • Hillridge Technology
  • NeverFarm
  • Green Atlas
  • Sustinet

4:20 pm

CLOSING | Closing remarks from the chair

Julia Waite, Community & Operations Manager, SproutX

4:30 pm

End of Conference


Packages Price
Package(Two Days)$1895+GSTEarly Bird
Packages Price
Package(Two Days)$895+GSTEarly Bird


George Peppou

GrowLab Program Manager, Cicada Innovations

Sean Starling

General Manager – MDC, Research, Development and Innovation, Meat & Livestock Australia

Dr Mirjana Prica

Managing Director, Food Innovation Australia (FIAL)

Dr Andrew Moore

Leader, Digiscape Future Science Platform , CSIRO

Andrea Koch

Board Member, National Farmers' Federation

Dr Simon Barry

Analytics Program Research Director, DATA61, CSIRO

Dr Anastasia Volkova

CEO & Founder, Flurosat

Frank Zeichner

CEO, Internet of Things Alliance Australia

Professor Salah Sukkarieh

Australian Centre for Field Robotics, The University of Sydney

Peter Richardson

Chief Executive Officer, Maia Technology

Felicity Turner

Chief Customer Officer, The Yield

William Taing

Director, Beanstalk AgTech

Cal Foulner

Director, Beanstalk AgTech

Cameron Scadding

Managing Director, Source Certain International

Julia Waite

Community & Operations Manager, SproutX

Professor Ros Gleadow

Research Lead, Digital Agriculture Launch Pad, Monash University

Michael Dean

Co-Founder & CIO, AgFunder

Tristan Shannon

Head of Product, AgriDigital

Arianna Sippel

Adviser, Agribusiness and Food, Investment Division, Austrade

Professor Volker Hessel

Deputy Dean of Research, Faculty of Engineering, Computer and Mathematical Sciences, University of Adelaide

Spencer Maughan

Visiting Fellow - Innovation and Entrepreneurship Program, United States Studies Centre & Partner, Finistere Ventures

J Matthew Pryor

Co-Founder, Tenacious Ventures; Chair, Australian Agriculture 4.0 Task Force

Thomas King

CEO, Food Frontier

Sam Brown

CEO, LiveCorp

Prof Robert Henry

Director, Queensland Alliance for Agriculture & Food Innovation

Henry Gordon-Smith

Founder & Managing Director, Agritecture Consulting, USA

Naveen Sikka

Founder & CEO, TerViva

Justin Webb

Co-Founder & Chairman, AgriWebb

Event images

View images taken on Day One of the AgTech Summit 2018


when & where

26 - 27 Feb 2019

Rydges World Square Sydney
389 Pitt Street
Sydney NSW 2000
+61 (02) 8268 1888

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