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Banking & Finance Ethics 2017

Fostering an ethical foundation for the industry

8 June, 2017 | Swissotel Sydney

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Informa in conjunction with The Banking and Finance Oath invites you to a day on ethics in banking and finance. The Banking & Finance Ethics 2017 conference will discuss the importance of trust and an ethical foundation for the financial services sector; exploring the crucial role individuals play in ensuring that the industry operates with integrity.

We will look at consumer and shareholder behaviour, the role of the media, regulation and more through an ethical lens.

We’ve heard enough about bank scandals and greed. This forum provides an opportunity for those in banking and finance to openly discuss and explore ethical issues that are contributing to the erosion of trust and the social contract many in the industry respect and uphold, providing greater insight to empower the industry to move ahead with confidence.


The forum will break down responsibility to the individual level and look at why ethics is compromised. With a regulatory, organisational and individual perspective in mind we will discuss the following:

  • Has regulation become self-defeating?
  • Why it’s hard to be good with money
  • The language of ethics and the ethics of language
  • The importance of speaking up
  • The social contract of banking
  • Purpose and identity and the moral injury caused when both are not reconciled
  • Data and artificial intelligence: what they mean for consumers and jobs
  • Can we measure culture?


8:00 am

Registration, Morning tea and coffee for 8:20 seating

8:30 am

Welcome & overview

Simon McKeon, Chairman, Banking & Finance Policy Council & Chancellor, Monash University

8:40 am

9:40 am

The language of business talks of cost-benefit-analysis rather than what is right, resources rather than people and economic drivers rather than ethical dilemmas. The language of business and finance is about what can be measured. It’s loaded with acronyms, abstractions and war references. Most notably, the language of business and finance is devoid of the ‘language of ethics’ – allowing us to ignore our moral compass all together. This presentation highlights the common uses of language that can undermine ethics and provides a practical insight into how we can incorporate the language of ethics in our work.

10:10 am

  • Complex inter-relationship between psychology and money
  • How money should make us all happier, but often doesn’t
  • Powerful negative consequences

10:40 am

Morning tea

11:00 am

  • Why speaking up is one of the most important components of an organisation’s compliance tool kit
  • Why cultivating speak up cultures requires more than a formal whistleblowing program
  • Whistling While They Work 2 and Integrity@WERQ research findings

12:00 pm

  • What ethical principles have been challenged by more recent banking practices?
  • Whose interests really win-out?
  • Greed & shareholder demand
  • Public interest
  • How can the media assist in restoring the ethical foundation and trust in the sector? Should it have a role?

1:00 pm



4:00 pm

Afternoon tea

5:20 am

CLOSING THOUGHTS | Closing Remarks – Foundations

Simon McKeon, Chairman, Banking & Finance Policy Council & Chancellor, Monash University


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*SMEs: Organisation with fewer than 50 employees



Simon McKeon

Chairman, Banking & Finance Policy Council & Chancellor, Monash University


Francesca Boase

Managing Director, Edelman

Helen Rowell

Deputy Chairman, APRA

Peter Kell

Deputy Chaiman ASIC

Brad Cooper

CEO, BT Financial


Professor Dimity Kingsford Smith

Director, Centre for Law Markets & Regulation - UNSW Australia


Steve Weston

former CEO Mortgages, Barclays Bank UK


Pauline Vamos

Director, Banking and Finance Oath


Clare Payne

Director, Banking and Finance Oath, Consulting Fellow, The Ethics Centre


Adam Ferrier

Consumer Psychologist


Dennis Gentilin

Founding Director Human Systems Advisory


Professor AJ Brown

Centre for Governance & Public Policy, Griffith University

Jon Sutton



Harrison Young

Non-Executive Director, Commonwealth Bank


Stephen Mayne

Director, Shareholders Association Australia

Eyers. Afr. Dinkus. 110526. Pic by Michel O'Sullivan. Pic shows a dinkus shot of James Eyers for file.

James Eyers

Senior Reporter - Financial Services, The Australian Financial Review


Dr Leslie Cannold

Ethicist, author and Adjunct Associate Professor – Griffith University


Lucinda Brogden

Commissioner, National Mental Health Commission


Tony Golsby Smith

Founder, 2nd Road


Dr Kingsley Jones

CIO, Jevons Global Pty Ltd


Dr Catriona Wallace

Founder & CEO, Flamingo


Dr Simon Longstaff AO

Executive Director, The Ethics Centre

Azish Filabi

CEO, Ethical Systems USA


Grant Mackinnon

Risk & Culture Specialist Leader, Principal, Deloitte


Victoria Whitaker

Co-Head Advice & Education, The Ethics Centre


Diane Tate

Executive Director – Retail Policy, Australian Bankers Association

Professor Justin O’Brien

Australian Centre for Financial Studies Monash University

when & where

08 Jun 2017

Swissotel Sydney
68 Market St
Sydney NSW 2000
+61 (02) 9238 8888

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Conference Producer
Véronique Henrisson
+61 (02) 9080 4054 | M: 0403 7665 767

Sponsorship Manager
Alex Cook
+61 (02) 9080 4425

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