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AgTech Summit

Agriculture, technology & the exponential growth of an Australian industry

13-14 March 2018 | Rendezvous Hotel, Melbourne

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From game changing start-ups that have global potential utilising vertical farming, robotics and emerging technology, the industry is being challenged to change with traditional methods being enhanced with the greater use of that technology. Over the two days, the inaugural AgTech Summit will explore how technology is revolutionising a traditional Australian industry.

In 2016, global investment in agtech was $A3.2 billion and there was a 10 per cent increase in global venture capital deals, according to AgFunder’s AgTech Investing Report 2016.

With the opportunity on our doorstep and global demand for fresh food expected to increase by 60% by 2060, our established trade relationships with China and India will greatly assist us in those emerging markets that are consuming a greater amount and larger variety of produce. Australia has the potential to be a global supplier for this demand and with the opportunity to develop technology that can cater to these exponential figures, AgTech should be the priority of our government, industry and investors alike to realise the economic benefits of the digital technology revolution.

No industry will be left untouched and a traditional Australian industry has the potential of evolving to be global leader in agricultural technology. We have a long history of embracing technology in this sector, but there is an urgency to realise our potential at one of the most exciting times where convergence is key.

Together with our partner SproutX and Cicada Innovations we will cover:

  • Vertical Farming
  • Precision farming
  • Farm to fork
  • IoT
  • Robotics
  • Precision Agriculture
  • Biotechnology
  • Supply chain tech
  • Yield management
  • Supply chain automation
  • Provenance



8:10 am



Andrew Lai, Executive Director, SproutX


8:30 am

WORLD FIRST | Presenting a world first

David Davies, Founder & CEO, AgUnity

9:00 am

Insights from Mission Israel, a trip that took 10 start-ups to observe the nation’s state of art innovation programmes and ecosystems.

9:30 am

Exploring market demand context in agriculture and a proposed new decentralised economic structure for the sector. Providing a brief overview of core emerging new technologies like artificial intelligence, robotics, distributed ledger technology, privacy preserving data sharing and automated compliance systems.

11:00 am

Networking and refreshment break

11:20 am

—— A global snapshot of agri-business today and meeting global demand tomorrow


11:50 am

Illustrating why innovative clusters accelerate product development, investment, productivity improvements and enhanced competitiveness

12:20 pm

Exploring university and Industry partnership models creating point of difference in future consumer offers, a design led innovation approach to creating high value premium offers for export markets and the Monash FIC model.

1:30 pm

Networking and luncheon break


2:15 pm

Tobias Peggs co-founded Square Roots along with Kimbal Musk in Brooklyn, NYC in 2016, an urban farming platform that assists in strengthening communities through their holistic and cutting edge approach to providing local fresh produce empowering a new generation of farmers and entrepreneurs alike. Tobias will share his journey from conception to realisation of this unique venture.

3:00 pm

—— What can we expect the future of whole foods to look like with Amazon purchasing Whole Foods in the USA?
—— Can we look forward to more competitive pricing and distribution channels for local produce of the highest quality in Australia

3:30 pm

Networking and refreshment break

3:45 pm

—— Potential economic benefit from digital agriculture and strategies
for delivery of digital agriculture in Australia

4:05 pm

—— Legal aspects of digital agriculture and trust – data rules, dealing with ownership, access, privacy and trust
—— Data connectivity needs for digital Agriculture in Australia
—— A big data reference architecture for use in digital agriculture
—— Steps to enable digital agriculture in Australia

Accelerating precision agriculture to decision agriculture P2D Project is an Australian Farm Institute & Cotton Research and Development Corporation project, funded by all 15 Agriculture Research and Development Corporations with support of the Federal Governments Rural R&D for Profit Program.

4:45 pm

—— Marketing Definition of Provenance
—— Provenance vs Country of Origin
—— Concept Database: Applications of provenance options on Concepts and consumer reactions in Both Australia and China across 18 Food categories

5:15 pm

—— I nnovative agricultural approaches will be crucial to responding to increasing competition for water and energy resources calling for more integrated planning and policies and promote sustainable rural growth. We explore what they could be in the future
—— The use of Blockchain in agriculture

6:00 pm

Close of Day 1 & networking drinks

8:00 am



George Peppou, Accelerator Lead & Mentor AgTech Programs, Cicada Innovations

8:15 am

Why Australia, why AgTech and why now? – An international perspective on funding AgTech

Michael Dean, Co-Founder & CIO, AgFunder

8:45 am

Innovation & Science Australia

Dr Bronte Adams AM, Board Member, Innovation & Science Australia

9:15 am

The AgTech Launch Pad facility established at Bosch Australia’s Clayton headquarters, with just over one hectare allocated to a smart farm for cutting-edge research and development includes space for cropping trials and early-stage prototype development, enabling the use of artificial intelligence, automation, robotics and advanced sensor technology.

Monash University

9:55 am

INSIGHTS | Robotics in Agriculture

Professor Salah Sukkarieh, Australian Centre for Field Robotics, The University of Sydney

10:30 am

Networking and refreshment break


11:00 am

AgTech is an emerging opportunity for financial services and the agriculture sector alike as technology provides new ways to connect data and people within the agricultural ecosystem. From the valuation of assets to provision of data driven insights to farmers and suppliers of capital and investment in the sector.

12:15 pm

Supplying energy to rural & agricultural Australia

12:45 pm

Networking and luncheon break


2:15 pm

If software is eating the world than artificial intelligence is currently dominating our dialogue with many voicing fears of AI taking away our jobs. The reality is AI can assist us to do a better job and we explore what that might look like in the agriculture sector.

2:45 pm

In addition to robotics, drones and other ‘new’ applications, technology is also enhancing the functionality and value of traditional assets and applications. The convergence of IoT and smart contracts will help to make agricultural assets ‘smart’, and empower the way farmers own, utilise and finance their assets.

3:15 pm

Networking & refreshment break

3:30 pm

John Tindal is a third-generation farmer and he has embraced technology to not only better his farming but out of necessity to stay in business. Ironically instead of technology taking away jobs John has welcomed technology to do jobs he cannot find staff for. He will share his insights on how implementation has been welcomed on his dairy farm.

4:00 pm


5:15 pm

Close of summit


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# SME is defined as organisation with fewer than 200 employees worldwide


Andrew Lai

Executive Director, SproutX

George Peppou

Accelerator Lead & Mentor AgTech Programs, Cicada Innovations

Dr Bronte Adams AM

Board Member, Innovation & Science Australia

Adrian Turner


Andrea Koch

Principal, Andrea Koch AgTech, Board Member, National Farmers Federation

Larry Lopez

Director - Accelerating Commercialisation, Department of Industry, Innovation and Science

Dr Mirjana Prica

Managing Director, FIAL – Food Innovation Australia Limited

Professor Salah Sukkarieh

Australian Centre for Field Robotics, The University of Sydney

Spencer Maughan

Visiting Fellow - Innovation and Entrepreneurship Program, United States Studies Centre & Partner, Finistere Ventures

Peter C. Rohde

Vice President, Agribusiness Intelligence – Informa

Dr Angeline Achriya

Chief Executive Officer, Food Innovation Centre, Monash University

Russell Lyons

General Manager, GeneSeek AustralAsia

Francisco Caffarena

Investment Manager, BridgeLane Group

Richard Heath

General Manager Research Australian Farm Institute

Associate Professor Leanne Wiseman

Griffith University Law School & Associate Professor Jay Sanderson, USC Law School

Sanjay Mazumdar

CEO, Data to Decisions CRC

Dr Rohan Rainbow

Project Leader - Accelerating Precision Agriculture 2 Decision Agriculture, Consultant, Cotton Research & Development Corporation

Hollis Ashman

Enterprise Director, Faculty of Veterinary and Agricultural Sciences, The University of Melbourne

Dr Maddie Judge

Academic - Management & Marketing, The University of Melbourne

Cameron Neil

Co-Founder, Ethical Fields

Professor Sean Sands

Associate Professor of Marketing, Swinburne Business School, Swinburne University of Technology

Garry Gale

Head of Agribusiness Development & Asia Desk,Agribusiness, National Australia Bank

Dr Anastasia Volkova

CEO & Founder, Flurosat

Dr Peyman Moghadam

AgTech Cluster Leader, CSIRO Data61

Ben Wark

Regional Director - Enterprise, Digital & IoT, Brightstar Corporation

J Matthew Pryor

CEO/CTO &, Observant & Chair, Rocket Seeder

Olympia Yarger

Managing Director, Goterra

Sarah Nolet

CEO & Founder, AgThentic

Tim Harvey

General Manager Strategy, Innovation and Operations, Regional and Agribusiness Banking, Commonwealth Bank

John Tindall

Managing Director, Withnell Dairy Company

Bridie Ohlsson

External Relations Manager, AgriDigital

Professor David Lamb

Precision Agriculture Research Group, University of New England

Felicity Turner

General Manager - Customer Experience, The Yield

David Davies

Founder & CEO, AgUnity

when & where

13 - 14 Mar 2018

Rendezvous Hotel, Melbourne
328 Flinders Street, Melbourne VIC 3000
Phone: (03) 9250 1888

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