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AFR Retail Summit

1-2 November 2017 | Intercontinental Hotel, Sydney

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In recent years, Australian retail has proved remarkably resilient in the face of a turbulent global economic backdrop and increased competition from overseas players. But our retailers can only stare down global challenges so long, and it seems clear that they will soon have to fight harder – and smarter – than ever before if they are to maintain current rates of sales growth. But what is the role of government, regulators and the sector as a whole in removing barriers to competition and encouraging retailers to pursue world-class productivity and innovation?

The Australian Financial Review is proud to announce the return of its annual Retail Summit, a high-profile, independent and outwardly-focussed platform for retail leaders to discuss the future of retail in Australia and lay out the case for reform. We expect 200+ high-level attendees from retail and government, with extensive coverage in the AFR.




9:00 am

OPENING | Welcome

Michael Stutchbury, Editor In Chief, The Australian Financial Review

9:05 am

OVERVIEW | The Australian Retail Sector - Setting the scene

David White, National Retail Leader Deloitte Australia

9:20 am


9:50 am

  • Invaluable insights into what is on the horizon both globally and locally for the Australian retail landscape
  • How disruptive opportunity as opposed to disruptive stress can assist Australian retailers maintain their competitive edge

10:30 am

Networking and refreshment break

11:00 am

  • ‘Digital’ as an evolutionary force, altering peoples’ thinking and behavior
  • The need to restructure retail enterprises in response to the proliferation of digital
  • The concept of a ‘Digital Path to Purchase’ as a driving force for new generation marketing departments
  • Cybersecurity as a core element of modern retail Loss Prevention
  • New generation supply chain, to support integrated replenishment and customer order fulfilment
  • Private label and vertical integration to defend against commodity GP exposure
  • Retail enterprise structure 2020

11:30 am

Recognized internationally as a business leader, and as the former Managing Director/CEO of Officeworks, Target Australia and Billabong International Launa brings a wealth of experience to her current non-executive roles with the Super Retail Group and Commonwealth Bank. A former Telstra Business Woman of the Year and first female managing director of a Wesfarmers retailer and property portfolio, Launa will share her invaluable leadership strategies for these times of great opportunity

12:00 pm

DISCUSSION WITH THE AFR | Australian retail responds to Amazon’s arrival

Launa Inman, Non-Executive Director, The Super Retail Group

Gavin Dennis, Chief Financial Officer, eBay Australia

Ray Ridgeway, Managing Director, World First

Russell Zimmerman, Executive Director, Australian Retailers Association

Jennifer Hewett, National Affairs Columnist, The Australian Financial Review

12:45 pm

  • The rapid evolution of influencer marketing.
  • Identifying and tapping into the creativity and influence of your existing customers.
  • How Australia’s leading retailers are already leveraging these power brokers.

1:15 pm

Networking and luncheon break

2:00 pm

  • What ‘liberation’ represents for customers and what it means as a brand
  • How online is breaking the traditional positioning options for retail
  • How a liberating organisation for employees is essential to a liberation offer for customers

2:30 pm

ADDRESS | Small Business Ombudsman's Address

Kate Carnell AO, Small Business and Family Enterprise Ombudsman

3:00 pm

Networking and refreshment break

3:20 pm

  • The retail industry is experiencing an unprecedented level of disruption.
  • What is separating the leaders from the others who also take part?
  • Where is the opportunity, and who can you look to for help?

5:00 pm

Close of Day 1

9:00 am

OPENING | Welcome & opening remarks

Sue Mitchell, Senior Companies Reporter (Retail, Food, Beverages), The Australian Financial Review

9:50 am

  • Myer is reinventing the retail experience for its loyal customer base, embracing the the omni-channel approach creating a comprehensive, simple and consumer-friendly digital footprint which is helping the store ride the technological wave in these times of great opportunity
  • We will hear from the CEO how this store is truly reinventing the experience

10:20 am

  • Exploring how creativity is the catalyst for reinvention and how the re-discovery of artisan-ship will balance the technological revolution
  • Exploring the relationship between the master and apprentice and the lessons passed on

10:50 am

Networking and refreshment break

11:20 am

  • How Australian retail can become indisruptable
  • Why a wide-angle lens not a telescope is going to be most helpful in identifying disruptive threats
  • How to distinguish disruptions from distractions
  • How the way value will be perceived by consumers is changing and what it means for retailers
  • Why the most important innovation skill is not creativity or lateral thinking but something beginning with ‘E’
  • How retailers can embrace the all-important startup mentality regardless of of their age or size

12:35 pm


1:35 pm

PANEL | Diversity & leadership

Paul Greenberg, Executive Chairman & Founder, NORA

David White, National Retail Leader Deloitte Australia

2:15 pm

  • The importance of sustained investment in eCommerce platforms and strategies whilst using a mobile-first approach
  • Forging meaningful retail relationships by creating end-to-end customer experiences
  • The stronger emphasis on payments and why the customer’s preferred transaction method and security is becoming increasingly important in retail today.

2:45 pm

Networking and refreshment break

3:00 pm

We explore how Purebaby has managed to go from strength to strength with the right product and the creation of an in-house customer experience that is complimentary to that product.

3:35 pm

  • Today’s sales staff are much more than cashiers, they are chief experience makers and equipped with the right tools they assist businesses to stay ahead of the game.
  • What are the desired skill-sets for a career in retail today and how do we educate and empower our sales staff in an increasingly competitive environment?
  • If the future of retail is the empowerment of your sales staff – where do you start?
  • What is research indicating about the future of sales and retail?

4:20 pm

  • Exploring the opportunities of a global market for our retail sector and what are the hindrances and obstacles for organisations desiring that market
  • What you need to know about Amazon’s strategy & Alibaba’s advantage

5:00 pm

Close of summit


Packages Price
Package(Two Days)$1995+GSTEarly Bird
Packages Price
Package(Two Days)$695+GSTEarly Bird
Packages Price
Package(Two Days)$2495+GSTEarly Bird
  • SME rate applicable to retailers employing fewer than 50 people


Kate Carnell AO

Small Business and Family Enterprise Ombudsman

Richard Umbers

CEO, Myer

Kate Box

Head of Retail & QSR ANZ, Facebook

Libby Roy

Managing Director, PayPal

Russell Zimmerman

Executive Director, Australian Retailers Association

Bryan Raymond

Retail Analyst Citi

Tom Kierath

Retail Analyst Morgan Stanley

Robert Lang


Ben Ferns

CTO, Plattar

Sean Sands

Managing Director, Centre for Retail Studies Monash University

Tom Mcleod

CEO & Co-Founder Myagi

David White

National Retail Leader Deloitte Australia

Nicola Cerrone

Director, Cerrone

Andrew Gorecki

Managing Director, Retail Directions

Chris Richardson

Partner - Access Economics, Deloitte

Mirabai Winford

Founder & Creative Director, Purebaby

Patrick Schmidt

CEO, The Iconic

Brock Douglas

Independent AI Adviser

Robbie Robertson

Partner, Spatial & Brand Experience, Deloitte Australia

Shaun Cousins

Executive Director, Retail and Consumer Analyst, JP Morgan

Launa Inman

Non-Executive Director, The Super Retail Group

Angus Nardi

Managing Director, Shopping Centre Council of Australia

Philippa Kelly

CEO, Large Format Retail Association

Michael McQueen

Futurist, Author, Trend forecaster

Ben Gilbert

Executive Director, Consumer Sector Research

Sue Mitchell

Senior Companies Reporter (Retail, Food, Beverages), The Australian Financial Review

Nick Aronson

Managing Director Telco, Media, Entertainment & Tech and Retail, Commonwealth Bank of Australia

Anthony Svirskis


Pip Stocks

CEO & Founder, Brandhook

Anthony Mitchell

Chief Potential Officer, Bendelta

Gavin Dennis

Chief Financial Officer, eBay Australia

Ray Ridgeway

Managing Director, World First

Paul Greenberg

Executive Chairman & Founder, NORA

Nicola Mansfield

Director Spatial and Brand Experience, Deloitte Australia

Karen Spear

Director - Customer Practice, Deloitte Australia

Jennifer Hewett

National Affairs Columnist, The Australian Financial Review

Matt Cranston

Properties Editor, The Australian Financial Review

when & where

01 - 02 Nov 2017

InterContinental Sydney
117 Macquarie St
Sydney NSW 2000
Phone: (02) 9253 9000

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