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Author: Skye Rytenskild

Defence & Security

Luke McLeod: How Defence is Transforming Base Services

Defence is entering a new paradigm, preparing to engage with industry on the fourth generation of lucrative contracts for Estate and Base Services. As Minister for Defence Industry Melissa Price recently told Australian Defence Magazine (ADM), the department is getting ready to start engaging industry on future long-term contracts worth about $1.2 billion a year. “Defence wants to…

30 Sep 2021, by Skye Rytenskild


How Dr Louise Sun is Harnessing Big Data to Change Cardiovascular Medicine

There's a new, glimmering frontier in healthcare. Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Machine Learning are reshaping the future, with the potential to relieve the burden on health professionals and allow physicians to connect better with patients. Also known as ‘Deep Medicine’, AI and Machine Learning can help cut down the cost of healthcare. From transforming note taking and…

28 Sep 2021, by Skye Rytenskild


Damien Mu, AIA: Incentivising Australians to Improve Health & Wellbeing

Empowering Australians with the tools they need to take control of their own health is an impetus sweeping across the nation's health sector. Around 40% of Australians now live with chronic health conditions and half of all hospital admissions are related. There’s clearly an urgent need for meaningful change to the way chronic disease is…

15 Sep 2021, by Skye Rytenskild


Mining & Resources

Transport & Logistics

Captain Michael Edwards OAM: ‘Gascoyne Gateway Will Set a Benchmark in Sustainability.’

The sweeping Gascoyne region of Western Australia is vast in its potential. Spanning over 137,000 square kilometres, it boasts more than 600 km of Indian Ocean coastline, stretching more than 500km inland through to the remote outback. It is also the door to the neighbouring Pilbara and Midwest regions. A new development wants to unlock…

8 Sep 2021, by Skye Rytenskild


Why John Brumby is Thinking Big About Australian Biotechnology

One of the upsides of the pandemic is that it has shown that Australia has a remarkable ability to respond when swift action is needed in drug development. However, while we're known as a leading destination for early phase clinical trials, there has been a historic disconnect with wider commercialisation and bringing our solutions to…

6 Sep 2021, by Skye Rytenskild


Craig Gear OAM: “The New Human Rights-Based Aged Care Act Will Form the Bedrock of Change.”

Craig Gear OAM is CEO of the Older Person’s Advocacy Network (OPAN), an organisation funded by the Australian Government to deliver the National Aged Care Advocacy Program. OPAN helps older people receiving aged care in their own home, the community or aged care homes to understand their rights and get the best experience out of…

20 Aug 2021, by Skye Rytenskild


Transport & Logistics

Matthew Sullivan, John Holland: “Resilience Starts as Early as a Project’s Conception.”

As the world shakes off the economic stasis precipitated by coronavirus, rail development is playing a key role in the New Zealand Government’s plans for regeneration. Rail is a crucial part of the economy, recently estimated to contribute around $1.47b to $1.54b per annum. The Australasian Railway Association (ARA)'s NZ Rail conference, 22-23 November 2021 , will…

16 Aug 2021, by Skye Rytenskild


Better Workforce Design is Crucial to Aged Care Reform

Dr Anita Goh, one of Australia’s premier experts on ageing and neurodegenerative diseases, will be speaking at the 12th Annual National Dementia & Aged Care Reform Conference in Melbourne, 23 – 25 November 2021. She is a Senior Research Fellow at the National Ageing Research Institute (NARI). We spoke with Anita on how the Royal…

10 Aug 2021, by Skye Rytenskild


Dr Anita Goh: “Co-Design Places Lived Experience on Equal Footing with Professional Experience.”

The Royal Commission into Aged Care Quality and Safety has catalysed sector-wide debate on how to successfully implement reforms that will improve the lives of older Australians. Dr Anita Goh, one of Australia’s leading authorities on quality of life in ageing, says that co-designing care delivery with the people who will actually benefit from services…

9 Aug 2021, by Skye Rytenskild

Mining & Resources

Drew Wagner: “A Faster and Broader Vaccine Rollout is Crucial for the Australian Minerals Sector.”

While Australia is still navigating the fallout of COVID-19, some forecasters are pointing to a ‘roaring twenties’ for the Australian economy post-pandemic. There’s certainly an optimistic outlook in the NT mining industry. “This is a really exciting time for the Territory’s minerals sector” says Drew Wagner, Executive Director of the NT Division of the Mineral…

20 Jul 2021, by Skye Rytenskild

Energy & Utilities

Saul Kavonic: “Australian Oil and Gas Producers Can Become Leaders in Carbon Trading.”

For city slickers, it can be easy to think of oil, gas and renewable energies as abstract concepts. “Australia’s oil and gas sectors are critical to the national economy, but operations take place in the regions, out of sight from the big cities in the South East,” says Saul Kavonic, one of Australia’s leading energy…

20 Jul 2021, by Skye Rytenskild


Emma Gierschick OAM: “We Need Better Recognition of Trauma in Children With a Disability.”

Emma Gierschick has shown extraordinary tenacity in the face of adversity. As a survivor of family violence and breast cancer, plus a sole parent of a daughter with Down syndrome, Emma has navigated complex issues to get the right support for her daughter Amelia. “It’s been very, very tough at times but my need to…

19 Jul 2021, by Skye Rytenskild
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