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Author: Amy Sarcevic


The right support for people living with dementia

Anne has always loved writing poetry. It was the one thing she would look forward to in English classes at school, and, later in life, was her go-to pastime when the children were busy; or to escape the stress of her day job as an English teacher. Anne’s care worker doesn’t know this about her though.…

30 Mar 2020, by Amy Sarcevic


Leadership & Communication

To merge or not to merge – a modern dilemma for health insurers

The Australian Prudential Regulation Authority (APRA) is ramping up pressure for health insurance companies to amalgamate, as part of the sector’s “financial recovery plan”. At an industry level, the rationale for a largescale M&A push is clear. But at a company level it is often less so, explains Police Health Chief Executive, Scott Williams. “Consolidation…

4 Mar 2020, by Amy Sarcevic

Energy & Utilities

A commercial hydrogen sector – what needs to happen?

Building a fully-fledged, commercially viable, hydrogen sector will require both long-term planning and a sense of urgency, says Chief Executive of the Australian Hydrogen Council, Dr. Fiona Simon. Speaking with Informa Connect, ahead of the Australian Hydrogen Conference, Dr. Simon said that we need to be finding ways to activate the market now; but recognise…

3 Mar 2020, by Amy Sarcevic

Energy & Utilities

Ensuring liquid fuel security in Australia – an interview with Stuart Scott

Measures to ensure liquid fuel security in Australia will need to be far more “systemic” than just a net oil stockholding obligation, as per the current IEA agreement, says Stuart Scott of Wood Mackenzie. The 1979 agreement was formed at a time when Australia had ten oil refineries and less global competition. Today it only…

2 Mar 2020, by Amy Sarcevic

Banking & Finance

Banks need the right settings to implement AML measures

Deloitte Financial Crime Partner, Lisa Dobbin argues that stopping the flow of illicit finance will not be possible without using real-time, innovative AML-technologies, combined with huge swathes of intelligence. Yet these same innovations could open up opportunities for criminals, if they prove to be non-resilient. “Every new technology inevitably brings a new element of risk.…

27 Feb 2020, by Amy Sarcevic

Transport & Logistics

CAF’s light rail expansion in Australia

Transport solutions provider, CAF, has gone from strength to strength since it pioneered in the field of light rail, ten years ago. Back then, the firm made headlines when it became the first supplier of light rails with wire-free capabilities, operating by means of an Onboard Energy Storage System (OESS). Today, CAF has presence in…

24 Feb 2020, by Amy Sarcevic

Mining & Resources

Citi’s perspective on the iron ore and steel market outlook

Market sentiments towards iron ore and steel have so far proven to be mixed this decade. Although a number of political setbacks have generated apprehension - most notably the ebb and flow of US-China trade tensions - they have been somewhat offset by improved market behaviour in early January. However, with significant uncertainty in China…

20 Feb 2020, by Amy Sarcevic

Mining & Resources

Mining’s role in decarbonisation

As the world enters into a “new age of sustainability” – driven by Paris Agreement targets, investor expectations and societal pressure - the Australian mining industry faces a number of key questions: to what extent should we decarbonise, what is the best way, and can we continue to thrive as a result? Ahead of the…

19 Feb 2020, by Amy Sarcevic

Transport & Logistics

Bollards – the Cinderella of quayside equipment

Supply chain innovation is occurring at an impressive rate, globally, with ongoing technological disruption seen in all facets of the sector. Ports are no exception. With unprecedented demand for commodity exports - and with ships increasing steadily in size - many Australian marinas have been forced to explore innovative means of creating more physical space.…

14 Feb 2020, by Amy Sarcevic


Language change could be a pre-symptomatic marker of dementia

Iris Murdoch is a famous and highly regarded author, who not only made a valuable contribution to the world of literature, but also (inadvertently) to dementia research. Like any gifted writer, Murdoch drew upon an impressive use of syntax and vocabulary range in her work, but later in her career - when her language ability…

12 Feb 2020, by Amy Sarcevic

Mining & Resources

Mineral sands supply – do we have enough? An interview with Reg Adams

For the last few years, the gaze of many TiO2 feedstock producers and consumers, has been firmly fixated on the ever-fluctuating demand trends of pigment and - further along the value chain - paint. So much so that TiO2 supply side factors have gone somewhat out of focus. As feedstock demand trends rebound from a…

6 Feb 2020, by Amy Sarcevic



Ensuring medicines safety in digital health innovation

Electronic medication management is becoming increasingly embedded in our health system and has already had a meaningful impact on prescribing decisions, safety, workflow efficiencies, quality assurance and audit capacity. Whilst there is growing consensus that the advent of digital platforms in medical practice is a positive development for the sector, it does raise a number…

6 Feb 2020, by Amy Sarcevic
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