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Course Outline

The 7 Configuration Structures

Introduction and Overview of Course

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  • Introduction of instructor and participants
  • Course design layout
Next Generation
  • Explaining sourcing “generations”
  • Lessons of the first generation and next generations
  • Common next generation actions

The 7 Key Deal Attributes & Generational Change

Scope Grouping

  • Service scope
  • Recipient scope
  • Geographic scope
Supplier Grouping
  • Sole supplier
  • Prime contractor
  • Best-of-breed multiple providers
  • Panel
Financial Scale
  • Relative scale
  • Absolute scale
Price Framework
  • Fixed lump sum
  • Unit-based
  • Cost-based
  • Fixed term
  • Rollover
  • Evergreen
Resource Ownership
  • Infrastructure
  • Onsite
  • Service & facility
  • Asset Buy-in
  • Facility host
  • Labour
  • Total outsourcing
Commercial Relationships
  • Arms-length
  • Value-add
  • Co-sourcing
  • Equity

Preparing for the Next Generation

Building Block: Refresh

  • Readiness assessment - what shape is your current contract in to allow your next generation to go smoothly
  • SWOT (Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities and Threats) - assessing your previous deal
  • Business Case for the next generation options
The Contracting Lifecycle - Faster, Better
  • The four phases: Architect, Engage, Operate, and Refresh
  • Going through the next generation lifecycle

The Transitions

  • Disengaging from an incumbent
  • Handovers between old and new suppliers
  • Backsourcing (bring things back inhouse)

Going to Market/Re-tendering

  • First - a refresh
  • Second - special issues in fostering competition when there is an incumbent provider
  • Conducting a next generation market briefing - special issues

The Contract

  • 103 contract issues to consider better this time - assess missing knowledge and contractual provisions
Open Forum & Evaluation
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