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Detailed overview of potential approvals needed in a project environment

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  • Environmental
  • Heritage
  • Tenure
  • Planning

Gain an understanding of required approvals so you can ensure processes are in place
for each and know the questions you should be asking your team.

Exercise: Using checklists and approval summaries provided define and categorise approvals applicable to your project/organisation


Risk Management


Examine common mistakes being made on projects and related potential risks. Most mistakes are easy to avoid and hence risks to your project timelines can be greatly reduced. Effective tools for the planning phase of your project will be provided to avoid these mistakes.


  • Identify approval risks in a mock project example as a group
  • Using your own project/organisation example, identify current approval risks
Using tools provided

Processes, resources and tools to have in place

  • Risk based approach – early identification and resolution of critical path issues
  • Approvals tracking and scheduling – streamlining timeframes, coordination and effective
    tools in place
  • Resources and personnel – people to have in place, required skills, staff versus consultants
  • Effective use of consultants and specialists – setting the correct scope of works and effective management to ensure quality outcomes within budget
  • Managing your integrated approvals team – effective internal communication, working together, asking the right questions of your team, team culture and eliminate duplication
  • Managing external parties – influencing methods, transparency, provision of high quality
    information and how positive relationships can improve approval timeframes

Exercise: Using the effective processes, resources and tools outlined identify strategies for managing approvals in the mock project example as a group.

Exercise: Using your own project/organisation example, identify what you can put in place to improve facilitation of approvals today.

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