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Course Outline

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  • Empowering organisations
  • Cornerstones and beliefs
  • Principles that serve as the foundation for leadership action

Leadership in turbulent times…

  • Necessary knowledge and skills
  • Tools for developing these with those around you

Working together… the different cultures, styles and behaviours you may encounter

  • Learn about working with other leaders who are different from you
  • Gender and diversity
  • Generations and ethnicities in the workplace today
  • Developing shared culture, values and business model

Practical exercises in working with difference…


Building your influence and impact… a model for success

  • Exercising power to influence others
  • Direct and indirect influencing methods
  • A model of personal attributes for maximising influence

Proactive resolution of interagency conflict

  • Proactive prevention of interagency conflict and open communication
  • Resolving existing disputes between conflicting agencies and groups
  • Keys to remaining resourceful, in control and centred in stressful situations
  • Giving and receiving feedback without getting ‘plugged in’
  • Building a toolbox of responses for a wide variety of difficult and demanding situations
  • Key communication strategies to ensure understanding and visibility for all parties
  • Maximising collateral benefits, personal and organisational

Strategic analysis of complex environments – designing interventions

  • A framework for strategic analysis of stakeholders and their interests
  • Minimising unintended consequences
  • Review of techniques and tools for working with large and small groups across sectors
  • Designing an intervention plan

Understanding your leadership (capabilities) accountabilities

  • Understanding not only the what but the why of leadership
  • Learn how to develop your direct reports and lift the capabilities of the organisation
  • How to develop effective teams
  • Communicating effectively
  • Develop clarity of direction and decisions

Self management

  • Be the role model (be the change you want to see)
  • Raising self awareness
  • Giving and receiving feedback

Practical processes and systems

  • Delegation of tasks – tell them what they need to know.
  • Exploration of a decision making and implementation model
  • Practical exercises in decision making

Building a plan for your future

  • Commitments and “Where to from Here?”
  • A focus on the change-oriented, practical, interactive, experiential learning from the day
  • Begin to build a network of support to practice these skills and discuss future issues
  • Ensuring learning transfer into the work environment as soon as you leave the course
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