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Course Outline

  UGS overview

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  • What is UGS
  • How important is this sector to overseas markets and why
  • Why Australia lags many other gas markets in this regard
  • UGS characteristics

UGS categories

  • Location: market, supply or hub
  • Commercial: economically regulated or market based rates
  • Geological: salt cavern or pore storage


  • Overview of UGS worldwide
  • Australia’s situation

The value of UGS

  • The owner’s perspective
  • The customer’s perspective
  • The government’s perspective

Case studies

  • Acquisition of brown field facilities
  • Development of green field projects
  • Salt cavern UGS facilities
  • Depleted reservoir UGS facilities

Risk/reward assessment and mitigation

  • Major risk identification (technical, commercial and regulatory)
  • Major opportunity identification

Regulatory requirements

  • Why the greenhouse storage acts are insufficient
  • Why the petroleum acts and mining acts are insufficient
  • Why regulatory certainty is important
  • Why high quality standards are important

Roles within the sector

  • Owner/operator role
  • The UGS customer role
  • STTM and financial market role
  • Access to low cost infrastructure capacity role
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