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Course Outline

  The design of the course follows a project life cycle from the identification stage through to the operation of the project. The focus of the course is both value identification and value realisation.
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  • Examining the various stages

Risk analysis

  • Approach to risk management
  • Identification of risks
  • Estimation of contingencies

Case study: Develop a risk register


Review of economic evaluation

  • NPV concepts
  • IRR
  • Discount rates
  • Sensitivity and risk analysis
  • Decision trees
  • Monte Carlo
  • Inflation
  • Incremental cash flows

Case study: Undertake a business case


The global oil market

  • Demand and supply review and dynamics
  • Pricing crude, natural gas, OPEC and transportation

Project framing

  • Production sharing arrangements
  • Joint ventures
  • Concessions, licenses
  • Risks and opportunities

Case study: Analysis of a joint venture


Contracts and procurement

  • Contracts and procurement as a risk management technique
  • Supply strategy and tactics
  • Procurement
  • Contractor evaluation

Case study: Contracting and managing risks


Risk management

  • Spot and futures markets
  • Managing commodity price risk
  • Embedded derivatives

Case study: Hedging currencies and commodity prices


Review of cash flow analysis

  • Revenue
  • Capital and operating costs
  • Finding and lifting costs

Annual report mastery

  • Understanding financial statements
  • Financial ratios
  • What is and is not included
  • Reading between the lines

Case study: Review of financial statements


Financing and contracts

  • Sources of finance/funding
  • Private versus public
  • Listing and IPO
  • Capital raising

Case study: Review of financial statements


Introduction to capital markets and finance

  • Stock market analysis of oil and gas stocks
  • Fund manager approaches
  • Getting from IRR to earnings

Case study: Review of an analyst’s report

  Emerging economies
  • Sovereign risk
  • Credit risk
  • Project financing
  • Fiscal systems
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