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Course Outline

  Defining the role of the office manager Download Course Brochure
  • Understanding the core components of the office manager role:
    • Functions
    • Roles
    • Responsibilities
  • Clarifying expectations

Logistics – The art of effective planning & organising

  • How to plan – a step by step framework for success
  • The importance of robust project management skills – and how to implement them
  • Documentation control – ensuring you have the facts at your fingertips
  • Organising and structuring processes and procedures
  • Problem solving and decision making

Mastering time & workflow management skills

  • Review how you spend your time through a self audit exercise
  • Develop a systematic way of managing a workflow
  • Identify your personal ‘time stealers’
  • Avoid ‘hurry sickness’ and be aware of your greater goals
  • Learn how to say ‘no’ (nicely) and mean it
  • Work at an optimum level to ensure successful outcomes
  • Realise personal skills required to use time more effectively

Essential negotiation skills – Forging win/win outcomes

  • The critical importance of robust negotiation skills
  • Understanding your counterpart
  • Learn your strengths and play to them
  • Tactics and counter tactics
  • Why win/win is the ultimate goal in any negotiation

Effective communication – Written & spoken

  • How to get your message across firmly and fairly
  • Best practice communication model:
    • Email communication
    • Meetings
    • 1 on 1 scenarios
  • Effective business writing
  • Writing instructions and process guides
  • Getting your hands on the information you need

Influencing across your organisation

  • The role of influencing within modern organisations
  • Influencing upwards
  • Influencing across business functions
    • Influencing teams
    • Influencing individuals

Prioritising – How to cram 24 hours into a morning

  • How to prioritise in a way that works for you
  • Best practice time management techniques
  • How to defend your time from institutional and colleague attacks
  • Practical steps for increasing productivity and efficiency
  • The importance of effective delegation

Managing change – Gaining commitment

  • How to introduce change painlessly
  • Up-selling change as a positive
  • Pre-empting and managing potential negative impact
  • Learn to cope yourself

Taking control – Stick to your guns

  • Understanding and maximising your personal strengths
  • Harnessing the unique strengths of others
  • Don’t get panicked by rank into changing your tack

Dealing with difficult situations – People & emotions

  • Dealing with the organisational hierarchy
  • Coping with those who know better
  • How to handle emotions and feelings in a professional way
  • Conflict resolution – suggested strategy and outcomes
  • Dealing with the human crisis

Dealing with pressure & stress

  • Coping with difficult problems
  • The importance of keeping things in perspective
  • Dealing with crisis scenarios
  • Practical breathing techniques
  • How to handle your own stress
  • Coping with others in stress
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