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Course Outline

The basis of iron ore deposits

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  • Why so much iron
  • Sedimentary deposits
  • Early evidence of climate change
  • Common ore names and their features
  • The stratigraphy of the Pilbara (metallurgical view)

What are customers looking for?

  • The final product - steel
  • Impact of chemical impurities
  • The Steel making process - what can be removed
  • The blast furnace process and other reduction processes
  • Physical characteristics of ore
  • Sintering and pelletising

Magnetite ores

  • Major types and features – silica based, carbonate based, vanado titanomagnetites
  • How do they respond to testwork?
  • Typical properties and cost saving opportunities
  • Typical results

Magnetite upgrading process

  • Staged size reduction
  • Crushing or grinding
  • Magnetic concentration
  • The final polish
  • Do we need to agglomerate?
  • Transportation of magnetite

Case examples in magnetite processing

This section will examine three of the latest concepts in magnetite processing designs and upgrades

  • Empire Mine
  • Savage River
  • Whyalla (Onesteel)

Operating and capital costs

  • Where is the money spent
  • Major capital expenditure
  • Principle operating cost
  • Comparison of process routes

What makes a successful project?

  • Ore Characteristics - are you a salesman?
  • Location, location, location
  • Infrastructure priorities
  • Putting costs and prices in context
  • Which is best hematite or magnetite - the big picture
  • How global projects are linked

Case study discussion on global projects

  • Compare ore bodies from around the world
  • Analyse real life projects with images and discussion
  • Pictures and discussion of actual upgrade processes in operation
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