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Course Outline


Setting the scene

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  • What is today about?
  • What do we expect? What do we know about ‘marketing’?
  • What will we go home with today?
  • Why do we need this workshop?

Marketing explained

  • What is a BRAND?
  • What is yours?
  • ELEVATOR SPEECH – what is it? What is ours?
  • THE MARKETING MIX – what are the 4 (or 7) P’s of marketing?
  • What do they mean to me and my area of the business?

Marketing planning and strategy

  • The need for a strategic foundation
  • Marketing objectives
  • Marketing planning – setting the objectives
  • Essential elements of a well written marketing plan


  • Market and marketing research
  • Internal and external audits: Why a SWOT is so important
  • How to use a SWOT for your business, product or service

INTERACIVE SESSION: Choosing the right ‘marketing’ to suit your business

  • Creating SMART marketing goals
  • Deciding on a strategy and which tools will achieve your goals
  • Consider price, promotion and place/delivery options
  • Budgeting and timelines for marketing initiatives for maximum effect
  • Discussion

Getting help

  • Maximising support from a marketing department or marketing agency
    • When do you need help?
    • Knowing what to ask and why – uncover a minefield of tools available
    • Gaining credibility with the marketing team for better results
    • Mould their skills and tools for your benefit
  • Tips on creating a marketing brief

Measuring the return on marketing to justify time and money spent

  • Marketing metrics
  • Gathering data
  • Quantifying what is working and what isn’t
  • Learning and customising future marketing efforts

Interactive Session: Case studies

  • Working through a basic marketing plan
  • Working through a basic marketing briefing document
  • Introduction to some advanced marketing concepts: where can we go with marketing?
  • Overview of how marketing is integrated with business development, and how to use this knowledge to advance your business
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