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Course Faculty

Dale Cole

Dale boasts an impressive 59 years in the international maritime industry. Dale had 20 years experience as a seafarer. He was master, new building superintendent and acting marine superintendent for the last 7 years with a British company based in Hong Kong.

After leaving the sea Dale spent 11 years as a Queensland shipwright surveyor, examiner of state marine qualifications, port pilot and harbour master. In 1984 he joined Howard Smith Industries where he became CEO of their towage and salvage businesses. During the past 15 years he has advised port authorities, port companies and regulators on towage and pilotage pricing issues, taught off-shore navigation and maritime law and provided shipping casualty expert advice.

Dale is a member of the Australian Maritime Safety Authority’s advisory committee, and is Executive Chairman of the National Bulk Commodities Group.

Roger Ward

Roger has over 41 years experience in the international maritime industry and is currently a partner in the maritime consultancy firm Dale Cole & Associates Pty Ltd.

Roger spent 20 years at sea during which time he obtained his Master Class 1 Certificate. The majority of his career was spent in the towage industry where he gained operational experience on many types of tugs. He also spent a number of years ashore as a marine manager with Howard Smith’s towage and salvage operations.

In recent times he has worked as a marine consultant on a number of domestic and international towage projects; other areas of expertise include risk management and assessment and financial analysis of marine services.

Roger has an MBA and qualifications in risk management and auditing.

Peter Hinksman

Peter has over 36 years broad experience in the Australian maritime industry which has encompassed both sea and land aspects of a professional maritime career.

He began with BHP, successfully gaining his master mariner qualifications and spent time as a ship’s captain. Peter’s last command was with Mobil Oil Australia before taking up a position in port management.

Since the mid 1990’s Peter has worked in senior port management in Melbourne and Gippsland including time as deputy harbour master for Geelong and Melbourne and later harbour master with Gippsland Ports.

Peter has undertaken consultancy work with a number of government agencies, local companies and in Singapore; such areas as dredging, ISM audits, port management, risk assessments and safety management systems.

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