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Course Outline

  Understanding the relationship between sale, insurance and carriage documents

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The principles of international sales and documentary credits

  • Payment mechanisms
  • Documentary credits and UCP
  • Essential documents

The principles of cargo insurance


  • Voyage charters
    > Costs and responsibilities for loading and discharging
    > Shipowner’s obligations for seaworthiness, care of cargo, proceeding with dispatch, release of bills of lading and delivery of cargo
    > Charterer’s obligations: nomination of ship, provision of cargo, payment of freight, laytime and demurrage
    > Role of laytime and demurrage in contracts for the international sale of goods
  • Sea carriage documents
    > Bills of lading
    - Types and functions: Receipt, Contract of Carriage and Document of Title
    > International agreements covering allocation of risk and their relevance
    - Hague rules
    - Hague-Visby rules
    - Hamburg rules and
    - Rotterdam rules
    > Letters of indemnity at load ports and discharge ports
    > Maritime fraud
    > Switch bills of lading
    > Transfer of rights and obligations between holders of bills of lading
  • Carriage under time charters
    > Duration
    > Employment clause
    > Hire, off-hire and withdrawal
    > Safe ports and berth

Case study discussion session
This session will illustrate various examples of maritime contract development and management over the lifecycle, how issues arose and
were managed. The discussion will illustrate many of the concepts above

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