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Interested in growing your Business?

The Australian Government has opened its $476 million Industry Skills Fund to assist businesses in training and support services to help build a highly skilled workforce that can take advantage of new business growth opportunities and adapt to rapid technological change.

The Training Grant assists businesses to invest in the skills of their workforce for an identified growth opportunity. The business needs to be planning to up-skill or reskill outside the normal day to day business operations to:

  • Diversify into new or emerging markets and/or
  • Adopt new or emerging technologies and/or
  • Enter export markets for the first time and/or
  • Respond to significant new domestic market opportunities and/or
  • Reposition because of market driven structural adjustment

Co-funded grant based on the size of their workforce. Co-contribution levels are as follows:

  • Micro Business (0-4 FTE employees) – 25%
  • Small Business (5-19 FTE employees) – 34%
  • Medium Business (20 -199 FTE employees) – 50%
  • Large Business (200+ FTE employees) – 75%

The first step in seeking assistance through the Industry Skills Fund is to call the single business service on 13 28 46 or click on the blue "Enquiry Form" at the bottom of this page

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