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John Preedy

John Preedy

Area of expertise

Subsea engineering, automation, production, audit, FPSO design and construction.


Dr John Preedy worked for BP for 28 years as a Research Associate and Team Leader, working on feasibility studies and acting as a “trouble shooter” covering all aspects of BP’s businesses.

These covered field development projects in the North Sea and several novel resource recovery techniques which were taken from concept to field pilot trials in Canada. His specific work in the offshore area covered subsea robotics / automation, seabed production concepts, FPSO turret technologies, seabed excavation methods, underwater repair techniques, flexible riser studies and maintenance cost reductions.

After leaving BP in 1992, he has continued working in the offshore oil industry through Azur Offshore Ltd, including activities in the assessment of emerging and novel technologies, technical and economic audits, deepwater studies, production sharing agreement evaluations, safety and environmental issues, floating production systems and offshore installation vessels.

Clients have included Chevron UK, BP Exploration, British Gas, Technomare, Trident Consultants, Fina UK and Cameron France.

Past projects have included Chevron North Sea - safety reviews, Nigeria - production sharing contract reviews, Total’s Otter Field - Subsea Team with FPSO and Tie-Back options, Ivory Coast FPSO - technical reviews, BP Greater Plutonio, Angola - training and operations instruction.

Most recently, through Azur Offshore Ltd, John completed the preparation of a training/operations CDROM for BP on their Deepwater Greater Plutonio Field in Angola. Currently Azur Offshore are bidding on work for an FLNG development in the Timor Sea and field development activities in the latest Angola Deepwater areas.

John is also responsible for co-ordinating and is the course director and principal lecturer for the oil industry training courses that Azur Offshore Ltd provides to professional engineers in Europe, USA, SE Asia, Australia and Africa.
John is a regular university lecturer in the UK and Europe. He is an active member of the UK Society for Underwater Technology (SUT) and serves on their subsea engineering and operations committee.

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