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Emotional Intelligence for Technical People  

Emotional Intelligence for Technical People

2-Day Training Course: Learn How to Make Effective Communication Come Naturally. Emotional Intelligence (EI) is the type of intelligence shown to make a truly successful communicator, manager, leader, negotiator & influencer. This course uncovers the methodologies & techniques to help you become a better, more confident communicator at work.

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Key Learning Objectives

  • Discover the human brain, emotion and peak performance. What causes emotions and how do they impact others?
  • Recognise essential terminology and general implications of improving performance based on emotional competence
  • Develop a deeper, practical understanding of the key emotional competencies and how to gain, maintain, and enhance them
  • Learn to adapt your behaviour to a style that is more conducive to improved performance
  • Examine the key aspects of EI
    > Self awareness
    > Self regulation
    > Social awareness
    > Social skills

About the Course

Regardless of the level of technical expertise your organisation possesses, it will be emotional expertise that takes you to the highest levels of performance.

The concept of emotional intelligence first broke into mainstream management in the mid 1990s. In the last 13 years, there have been major advances. Organisations who have used emotional competencies have demonstrated substantial bottom line improvements as a direct result of these efforts.

And now, you can do the same.

In fact, several studies have shown that Emotional Intelligence (EI), which is based on Emotional Competence (EC) or Emotional Expertise (EE), almost always separates successful, high performing individuals from the average employee.

In this course you will learn the essential elements of emotional intelligence and gain practical understanding of the key emotional competencies, integrating Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP). You will also learn the how to develop emotional expertise; the course will define the steps for building peak performance through emotional expertise.

Who Will Benefit

This course is relevant for all those looking to improve their personal performance, productivity, communication, negotiation and influencing skills in the workplace. This can include managers, leaders, specialists, directors and C level management.

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