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Course Outline


Understanding the nature of conflict and tension Download Course Brochure
  • Understand how conflicts develop
  • Understand the escalation and triggers
  • Review of various theoretical approaches to conflict

The psychology of conflict

  • Ego, position and personality aspects of conflict
  • Understand human reaction to conflict
  • What causes emotions and how to they impact others?

Emotional Intelligence

  • Your reactions to opinions, ideas and feedback of others
  • The importance of reflection and contemplation for self-development
  • Develop your Emotional Intelligence (EI) profile:
    > Gain deeper understanding of the profile results and what they mean
  • Understand 'others' and their reactions
  • Learn to exercise personal flexibility and self-control
  • Accept responsibility for your own emotions

Managing ourselves in conflict

  • Explore techniques and ways to control our own emotions and behaviours
  • Review various conflict negotiation styles
  • Determine your own style
  • Develop skills and techniques to influence others
  • Consider an open mind to the opinions, ideas and feedback of others

Managing 'different types'

  • Understand different types of people and different types of conflict
  • Conflict with your manager and higher levels
  • Clarifying conversations
  • Develop tools and strategies to manage others' behaviour
  • Move from weakness to strength in diverse situations

The mechanics of conflict

  • Objectively distinguish both sides of every situation
  • Separating your opponent(s) from the issues in hand
  • Assertion skills
  • Reviewing various conflict resolution options

Tools and techniques for resolution

  • Effectively diffuse power plays
  • Compromise skills that allow everyone to 'save face'
  • Maintaining focus through problem solving and clarification techniques
  • How to negotiate through with superiors
  • Learning and applying the skills of self-control

Assessing conflict and negotiations case studies

  • Small group examination
  • Large group discussion of the issues, the strategies, techniques and outcomes

Role plays

  • Role plays using 'real' situation to practice the skills and techniques
  • Debrief experience to deepen learning and understanding

The Benefits of Conflict & Tension

  • Improve your empathy and rapport
    > Conflict can expand your awareness of the situation providing an insight into how you can achieve your own goals without undermining others' goals
  • Increase team cohesion
    > It can help team members develop a stronger mutual respect and renewed faith in their ability to work together
  • Improve self-knowledge
    > Conflict pushes you to examine your goals in close detail, helping you understand the things that are most important to you, sharpening your focus and enhancing your effectiveness

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