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Healthcare and Community Care Conferences

Australia's leading healthcare and community care conference provider – Informa hosts in excess of 40 healthcare events and 15 community care events annually.

At a time of such high reform both federally & across each of the states, never before has there been a more significant time to participate in conferences. Informa is at the forefront of these reforms providing forums to engage in open and honest discussion, networking with peers from across the country and leveraging knowledge from leading experts in this field, helping pave a future for the nation's healthcare system.

Our Healthcare portfolio (formerly IIR Healthcare) offers a wide range of medical and health events covering a broad range of industry issues. Many of these conferences have been designed for registered and enrolled nurses and offer RCNA CNE points for attendance. Some of our key titles include: Emergency Department Management; Operating Theatre Management; Hospital Procurement; Discharge Planning; Forensic Nursing; Correctional Services Healthcare; Hospital Bed Management; Hospital Patient Costing; Medico Legal; Obstetric Malpractice; Telemedicine; Hip Fracture Management; Falls Prevention; Nurse Practitioner; Health Technology Assessment; Safe & Secure Hospitals; Acquired Brain Injury; eHealth Interoperability; Reducing Pressure Injuries; Assistants in Nursing; Clinical Audit Improvement; Transition Care; Pharmaceutical Law; Healthcare Complaints; Future of the PBS; Future of Medicare; National Pathology Conference; Health Congress; Health Insurance Summit

Our Community Care portfolio (formerly IIR Community Care) addresses the biggest challenges currently facing Australian communities. These conferences are specifically tailored for government & not for profit organisations who provide community based services. Our flagship event held in partnership with the Australian Community Workers Association is the Australian Community Workers Conference and Exhibition. Other key events include: Disability Summit; Homelessness Summit; Dementia Congress; Juvenile Justice; Younger People with High & Complex Care Needs; Transition Care for Elderly Patients; Hospital in the Home; Australian Obesity; Child Protection; Integrated Cancer Centres

For more information please view the events below or contact Tina Karas

For information on Sponsorship & Exhibition Opportunities, contact Damian Dulanovic.


5th Annual National Pathology Conference

Investigating developments in pathology assisting the future of Australian health


2nd Annual Managing the Deteriorating Patient Conference

22 - 23 September 2014 | Novotel Melbourne on Collins

The Latest Strategies to Recognise & Respond to the Acute Patient in Clinical Deterioration


The Future of Medical Research

25-26 September 2014 | Sydney Harbour Marriott

Understanding the current health climate and its impact on future medical research


3rd Annual Reducing Avoidable Pressure Injuries Conference

29 - 30 September 2014 | Bayview Eden Melbourne

The first-ever national conference to look solely at the prevention of pressure injuries in Australia.


7th Annual Safe & Secure Hospitals Conference

20 - 21 October 2014 | Sydney Harbour Marriott

Promoting a Culture of Risk Assessment, Violence Prevention and Collaboration for a Safer Hospital Environment


eHealth Interoperability Conference

28 - 29 October 2014 | Parkroyal Darling Harbour, Sydney

Achieving Seamless Communications as part of an Interoperable eHealth system to enhance healthcare safety, quality and efficiency


National Acquired Brain Injury Conference

10 - 11 November 2014 | Sydney Harbour Marriott

Learn valuable strategies for managing the changing needs of patients with acquired brain injury (ABI)


Genomics in Healthcare

13 November 2014 | Swissotel Sydney

Assessing the role of Genomics in the transformation of medicine and healthcare


Medical Tourism Summit

20-21 November 2014 | Rendezvous Grand Hotel Melbourne

Understanding medical tourism and how recent changes will impact Australia


3rd Annual Health Technology Assessment Conference

24 - 25 November 2014 | Swissotel Sydney

Optimising HTA Processes for Informed Political and Clinical Decision-Making around Health Care Technology Introduction and Diffusion


2nd Annual Integrating Mental Health into the National Disability Insurance Scheme

27 - 28 November 2014 | Radisson Blu Plaza Hotel Sydney

A national conference focusing on the latest plans to integrate mental health services into a new funding scheme and how its implementation will affect the future direction of disability policy reform for people with mental illness in Australia.


Clinical Training & Workforce Planning Summit

2 - 3 December 2014 | Marriott Melbourne

Inspiring and equipping our nursing and allied health educators


2nd Annual Hip Fracture Management Conference

3 - 4 December 2014 | Sydney Harbour Marriott

The only regional event to discuss practical innovations and improvement processes for the management of Hip Fractures in the hospital setting.


3rd Annual Surgical Access & Redesign Conference

8 - 9 December 2014 | Vibe Savoy, Melbourne

Assisting Hospitals to Streamline Surgical Pathways & Balance Elective and Emergency Surgery Demand.


National Domestic Violence Conference

8 - 9 December 2014 | Wesley Conference Centre, Sydney


6th Annual National Dementia Congress

February 2015 | Melbourne


6th Annual National Disability Summit 2015

March 2015 | Rydges, Melbourne


24th Annual Medico Legal Congress

19-20 March 2015 | Sydney Harbour Marriott


6th Annual Juvenile Justice Summit

March 2015 | Melbourne


6th National Telemedicine Summit

March 2015 | Sydney


The 5th Annual Discharge Planning Conference

Assisting Health Services to Adopt an Integrated & Consumer Directed Approach to Discharge Planning


5th Annual National Hospital Procurement Conference

July 2015 | Sydney

Improving Efficiency, Savings and Patient Safety within Australian Hospitals - The only event in Australia bringing together the full Hospital Procurement ecosystem of procurement managers, clinical staff, hospital management and suppliers, in addition to state and federal government departments, lawyers and academics. Learn how to streamline and automate your procurement activities, whilst optimising the use of procurement personnel. In a time of revenue pressures, the event will enable you to pursue a number of cost-saving measures whilst meeting your clinical and financial goals.


7th Annual Emergency Department Management Conference

July 2015 | Melbourne

Learn firsthand how to improve access to care, clinical redesign, NEAT compliance, patient flow, point of care testing, geriatric care, and enhance the performance of your Emergency Department


4th Annual Assistants in Nursing Conference

A workforce oriented conference for organisations and managers looking to build workforce capacity through integrating the health assistant (nursing) role into their nursing team.


5th Clinical Audit Improvement Conference

Dates for 2015 to be announced


4th Hospital Nutrition & Hydration Summit

November 2015 | Melbourne


Annual Health Insurance Summit

Dates for 2015 to be announced.


The Future of Medicare Conference

Dates for 2015 to be announced.


Annual Health Congress

Dates for 2015 to be announced.


Annual Future of the PBS Summit

Dates for 2015 to be announced.

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