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Education Conference

Informa's education events are the meeting place for the australian education industry. The flagship Higher Education Summit has been running since 2002 and is the premier education networking event in Australia. The Social Inclusion in Education conference focuses on equity in education and attracts nearly 200 attendees. The University Planning & Design Forum looks at the design issues that impact upon higher education facilities. Informa also organise the annual University Governance & Regulations Forum, bringing together professionals to examine regulatory issues within the higher education. The Student Housing Summit will look at the issues of housing growth, supply and demand across the student housing sector.


The Future of Learning in Higher Education Summit

16-17 February I UNSW CBD Campus

Leading change in teaching and learning


K12 Cultural Innovation in Australian Schools Conference

23-24 February 2015 | Cliftons, Sydney

Insights of innovation for transformative change in our schools


The Inaugural Student Recruitment and Retention Forum

2 - 3 March 2015 | Sydney Harbour Marriott, Sydney

With Australian Higher Education becoming more and more competitive and the Federal Government proposing the deregulation of University fees, student recruitment and retention has become increasingly important in the area of Higher Education.


University Efficiency Forum

28-29 April 2015 | Park Royal Darling Harbour

Driving greater value in university business processes and services.


The Inaugural K-12 National Curriculum Conference

7 – 8 May 2015 | Bayview Eden, Melbourne

Examining the principles for a sound, innovative and evidence based curriculum


UK Higher Education Regulation Forum

19th-20th May, 2015 | Millennium Gloucester Hotel & Conference Centre, London


School Planning, Design & Construction Conference

1-2 June 2015 | Sydney Harbour Marriott Hotel

Creating innovative classrooms to sustain Australia's education future. See what 2015 has to offer in the latest classroom designs & innovations.


The 2nd Annual Student Experience Conference

Dates for 2014 to be announced


Regional Universities Conference

Dates for 2014 to be announced.


Social Inclusion in Education conference

Dates for 2014 to be announced.


Towards Research Excellence Conference

Dates for 2014 to be announced.


Higher Education Reform Summit

Dates for 2015 to be announced.


Annual Higher Education Summit

Dates for 2015 to be announced.


STEM Education Conference

Dates for 2015 to be announced.


Annual Student Housing Forum

Dates for 2015 to be announced.

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